Improvements in valves. Bbc Brown Boveri & Cie, February 7, 1929: GB295994-A (38 worldwide citation)

295,994. Akt.-Ges. Brown, Boveri, et Cie. Aug. 22. 1927, [Convention date]. Closure members. double. beat. - In double-beat lift valves for operation by servo-motors provision is made for stabilizing or balancing the valve by means of the reaction of the energy of velocity of the fluid thereby enabl ...

Improvements in flexible couplings. Arthur Vennell Coster, Charles Ogilvy Rennie, February 7, 1929: GB305304-A (4 worldwide citation)

305,304. Coster, A. V., and Rennie, C. O. Nov. 18, 1927. Shaft and like couplings; universal couplings. - In flexible couplings for shafts &c., adapted to absorb strains due to rotational shocks, end play, and misalignment, initially. compressed springs bear on removable studs, lugs, &c. projecting ...

Improvements in or relating to the joints of pipes or other vessels adapted to withstand fluid pressure. Vickers, David Martin Anderson, February 7, 1929: GB305609-A (4 worldwide citation)

305,609. Viewers, Ltd., and Anderson, D. M. Nov. 7, 1927. Butt joints; joints with divided sleeve.-The abutting ends of two metal pipes A, A are connected together by means of a grooved clamping ring D which is adapted to engage conical surfaces C, C on shoulders formed on the said pipe ends. The cl ...

Improvements in or relating to spectacles, goggles and the like. Edwin Barnes, February 7, 1929: GB305421-A (3 worldwide citation)

305,421. Barnes, E. May 10, 1923. Spectacles.-In the type of spectacle frame provided with supports additional or alternative to that of the bridge and which bear on other parts of the face, a lining or covering is provided for the bridge for the purpose of carrying such supports. The bridge lining ...

Improvements in or relating to appliances for sorting, filing and handling papers and the like. Kodak, Ambrose William Richardson, February 7, 1929: GB305344-A (3 worldwide citation)

305,344. Kodak, Ltd., and Richardson, A. W. Dec. 29, 1927. Films, receptacles for.-An appliance for sorting or filing pa.pers or similar flat articles such as folders containing photographic films, comprises a base-plate A having hinged thereto a number of partitions C to which the papers are secure ...

Improvements in or relating to the treatment of sewage sludge. George Hugh Hadfield, February 7, 1929: GB305346-A (3 worldwide citation)

305,346. Hadfield, G. H. Dec. 29, 1927. Treating-materials; manures.-Ash from boilers or house refuse is mixed with sewage sludge cake as discharged from a filter-press. The ash is mixed with the cake in a perforated pan mill. Quick lime or Portland cement may also be added to the cake.

Improvements in and relating to mixture supply systems of internal combustion engines. Francis Henry Paton Beatson, February 7, 1929: GB305338-A (3 worldwide citation)

305,338. Beatson, F. H. P. Dec. 23, 1927. Spray-carburettors.-Temporary enrichment of the normal mixture is produced during opening of the throttle from or to any position, the enrichment being maintained during a period of acceleration; temporary weakening is produced during closure of the throttle ...


Improvements in and relating to conduit systems. Thomas Edward Robertson, February 7, 1929: GB305427-A (2 worldwide citation)

305,427. Robertson, T. E., (Blizard, J.). May 31, 1928. Pneumatic conveyers and elevators. - In a conduit system in which flows a fluid carrying finely divided solid material in suspension, stratification of the solid material when passing round a bend B is prevented by providing a partition C, Fig. ...

Improvements in or relating to collecting boxes for money. Thomas Aldhelm Newsome, February 7, 1929: GB305424-A (2 worldwide citation)

305,424. Newsome, T. A. May 18, 1928. Money, boxes specially designed for.-A box for use in collecting money is constructed so that it normally occupies an inclined position but, as it becomes filled with coins, is free to turn to another position. As shown, the bottom A' of the box is shaped so tha ...