Improvements in saw guards. William Douglas Drummond, June 26, 1924: GB217796-A (17 worldwide citation)

217,796. Drummond, W. D. Aug. 14, 1923. Guards for circular saws &c. Two independently-movable members 40, 47, mounted on the saw spindle 21, open out against spring action to allow the saw to cut. On completion of the cutting operation, the guard is returned to the normal position of completely gua ...

Improvements in and relating to insoles for boots and shoes. Isaac Fleming, June 26, 1924: GB217833-A (9 worldwide citation)

217,833. Fleming, I. Oct. 30, 1923. Corns, bunions, and the like, treatment of; foot-arch supports. - An insole or sock 1 for boots and shoes having depressions 2, 3, Fig. 1, for the heel and ball joints of the toes is cut away at the forward end to form a tongue 8 adapted to underlie one of the toe ...

Improvements in the manufacture of reconstructed stone. Charles Holmes Harrison, June 26, 1924: GB217791-A (9 worldwide citation)

217,791. Harrison, C. H. Aug. 2, 1923. Stone, hardening.-In making artificial stone by subjecting a compressed mass of comminuted stone and lime to the action of carbon dioxide, the following conditions are observed : (1) the water-content of the mass is adjusted to the proportion most favourable to ...

Improvements in methods of and devices for the mechanical separation and recovering of liquids and solids of different densities. Lucien Linden, June 26, 1924: GB217854-A (7 worldwide citation)

217,854. Linden, L. Dec. 29, 1923. Purifying liquids; separating by gravity. - Liquids of different density, such as water and oil, or liquids and solids, are separated by subjecting the flowing mixture to changes of direction and then allowing it to expand outwards over an inclined or horizontal sh ...

Improvements in tobacco pouches, purses and the like, of the tray type. Benjamin George Cope, June 26, 1924: GB217780-A (7 worldwide citation)

217,780. Cope, B. G. July 11, 1923. Pouches; purses.-In tobacco pouches, purses, and the like of the "tray" type, the tray portion a is provided with a backing b of semi-flexible material such as thin vulcanite, celluloid, &c., the flexible flat leather or like rim of the tray is lined with similar ...

Phonograph disk record filing cabinet. Erle Hasbrouck Hand, June 26, 1924: GB195639-A (6 worldwide citation)

195,639. Hand, E. H. March 29, 1922, [Convention date]. Contents, delivering.- Phonographic disc record cabinets comprise a container and ejector and a, number of vertical closelyrelated parallel compartments formed by partitions spaced apart by strips 14 - - 16 and having upper, lower and rear tong ...

Improvements in fly-catchers. Franz Tschernitschek, June 26, 1924: GB217868-A (5 worldwide citation)

217,868. Tschernitschek, F. March 15,1924. Adhesive traps.-The device takes the form of 'hollow conical or pyramidal body 1, open at the wider end and preferably also at the narrow end, and having a handle 3, the inner surface 2 of the body being coated with a viscous substance. In a modification th ...

Apparatus and method for forming feathers on insoles. Odilon Boivin, June 26, 1924: GB217836-A (5 worldwide citation)

217,836. Boivin, O. Nov. 5, 1923. Boot - sole sewing - machines. - An insole rib which has been formed in a press is rendered permanent in a sewing-machine comprising a guide roller 21 cooperating with the table 20 to support the insole while the rib is stitched by the needle 22.

Improvements in appliances for broiling, cooking and toasting foodstuffs. William Charles Davis, June 26, 1924: GB217799-A (5 worldwide citation)

217,799. Davis, W. C. Aug. 20, 1923. Gas cooking.stoves; heat distributors. - A broiling and toasting appliance comprises a body formed of three interfitting sections 6, 7, 8, the upper of which is provided with a flange 9 supporting a broiler frame 10 having at the front a trough 12 for fat. A broi ...

Improvements in and relating to quartz working. British Thomson-Houston, June 26, 1924: GB214630-A (4 worldwide citation)

214,630. British Thomson - Houston Co., Ltd., (Assignees of Berry, E. R.). April 18, 1923, [Convention date]. Forming silica-glass articles.-Relates to the process of manufacturing rod or tube from fused quartz in which the plastic quartz is extruded through an aperture into a body of liquid. Accord ...