Improvements in manhole covers and the like. Bryan Adams, July 26, 1923: GB201018-A (6 worldwide citation)

201,018. Adams, B. July 8, 1922. Manhole frames and covers. - The rim of a manhole or other road-surface plug or cover e is provided with a large number of projections f which dovetail into recesses c cut in the sides of the frame b. Specifications 14524/08 and 5795/14 are referred to.

Improvements relating to pistons for internal combustion engines. Rudge Whitworth, Thomas Barwell Barrington, July 26, 1923: GB200947-A (5 worldwide citation)

200,947. Rudge-Whitworth, Ltd., and Barrington, T. B. April 29, 1922. Pistons, balancing laterally and reducing and equalizing wear of; pistons, cooling.-In order to reduce the resistance to movement caused by the lubricant and to promote cooling, the bearing surface of a trunk piston for an interna ...

A frozen confection & process for producing same. Earney Banks Vaughan, July 26, 1923: GB201100-A (4 worldwide citation)

201,100. Vaughan, E. B. Dec. 9, 1922. Confectionery; icecreams; waffle baking- apparatus.-A confection consists of a hard. frozen core 14 and a covering 13 of material which is applied in an unbaked condition and is baked quickly without deleterious effect on the core. Half-moulds 10, 11 are lined w ...

Life preservers for marine life-saving. Laughlin James O Shaughnessy, July 26, 1923: GB201112-A (3 worldwide citation)

201,112. O'Shaughnessy, L. J. March 12,1923. Body attachments, inflatable.- Inflatable bladders are contained in pads 4, 5 secured by a waist strap and a back strap 9 to the wearer so as to support the head above water. The pads 5 are secured adjacent the less buoyant part of the abdomen and the pad ...

Improvements in or relating to binocular microscopes. Oskar Heimstaedt, July 26, 1923: GB201087-A (3 worldwide citation)

201,087. Heimst├Ádt, O. Nov. 13, 1922. Stereoscopes, reflector and prism systems.-A stereoscopic effect is obtained in binocular microscopes with only one (primary) objective and in which the separation of the cones of light is effected by a pair of prisms or a glass plate with permeable reflecting c ...

Improved window cleaner. Sarah Emily Conrad, July 26, 1923: GB200856-A (2 worldwide citation)

200,856. Conrad, S. E. Jan. 10, 1923. Curved handles; telescopic handles.-A U-shaped member b is cleft at one end, as shown at n, and is provided with a spring clip with a thumb screw o, by means of which a telescopic long arm l carrying a window-cleaning appliance is clamped in position. A handle m ...

Improvements relating to a method and means for applying paints. Frantisek Soukup, July 26, 1923: GB201053-A (2 worldwide citation)

201,053. Soukup, F. Aug. 12, 1922. Coating-appliances, hand.- Paint is applied to linen or like surfaces by means of a device comprising a hollow container having a plunger or the like by which the paint can be expressed, and a needle in its orifice to apply the paint and regulate the flow. The cont ...

Improvements in caps for personal wear. Town Talk Mfg Co, July 26, 1923: GB201049-A (2 worldwide citation)

201,049. Percival, S., (Town Talk Manufacturing Co., Inc.). Aug. 8, 1922. Caps.-Relates to caps of the kind having side slits to permit adjustment of size effected bv a band fastened in front, and consists in detail improvements in the band and the construction at the slits. The front fastenings of ...

Improvements in ceiling mountings for electric fans. John Dawson Smith, Berkeley & Young, July 26, 1923: GB201046-A (2 worldwide citation)

201,046. Smith, J. D., and Berkeley & Young, Ltd. Aug. 1, 1922. Mounting.-A mounting for an electric fan comprises a fork 4 supporting the motor, the fork 4 being carried by a ring 5 rotatably mounted on a flanged ceiling ring or plate 6. Slots 9, Fig. 4 permit the insertion of a bulged fork through ...

Improvements relating to dough moulding machinery. Isidore de Haan, July 26, 1923: GB183848-A (2 worldwide citation)

183,848. Haan, I. de. July 29, 1921, [Convention date]. Rolling-machines.- Apparatus for rolling up flat portions of dough comprises a number of independent pivoted hook members 46 disposed side bv side over the breadth of the portion and adapted to engage its forward edge. The members 46 are pivote ...