Process and apparatus for coating articles by electro-plating and heat treatment. Anton Marek, November 14, 1921: GB143250-A (4 worldwide citation)

143,250. Marek, A. Oct. 10, 1917, [Convention date]. Metal-heating furnaces. - Electrolytically - deposited metal such as tin is fused on a metal strip by a furnace 13, having slits for passage of the strip, and a window 60. One of the heating-devices 63 is placed very close to the exit for the stri ...

Improvements in and connected with apparatus for humidifying air currents and if desired for deodorizing or disinfecting them. Stone J &, Melville Walton, John Furse Bancroft Vidal, November 14, 1921: GB171191-A (3 worldwide citation)

171,191. Stone & Co., Ltd., J., Walton, M., and Vidal, J. F. B. Aug. 14, 1920. Air, treating; forced ventilation.-A humidifier fan comprises an assemblage of spray distributing discs of the type described in Specification 112,987, [Class 55 (ii), Gas manufacture &c.], a shield device rotating with t ...

Improvements in the construction of pneumatic actions for automatic musical instruments, piano players and the like. Edgar Henry Dodds, November 14, 1921: GB171465-A (3 worldwide citation)

171,465. Dodds, E. H. Aug. 12, 1920. Actions.-In a pneumatic action as described in Specification 153,938, wherein a valve chamber 2 leading at 1 to the striking pneumatic is closed by an L-shaped cover-plate 3 having apertures 12, 13 closed alternately by a double-acting valve, a separate valve 15 ...

Improvements in or relating to fasteners for necklaces or the like. Lewis Brand, November 14, 1921: GB171477-A (2 worldwide citation)

171,477. Brand, L. Aug, 14, 1920. Bracelets; necklaces.-A fastening for neck. laces, bracelets, &c. consists of two members A and B which are formed from solid or hollow blocks, and when engaged with each other by securing means on the flat faces a and b, appears like the rest of the links. The secu ...

Improvements in and relating to air and water distribution, and mechanism therefor, in the cooling of internal-combustion engines and the like. David Macdonald, November 14, 1921: GB171746-A (2 worldwide citation)

171,746. Macdonald, D. Aug. 12, 1920. Radiators, motorcar and like. - A rotary radiator for cooling liquids, particularly applicable to cooling the circulating water of an internal - combustion engine, comprises a fan-wheel W, Fig. 1, provided with a number of pairs of arms I, O fitted into the hub ...

Improvements relating to rotary compressors. Deutsche Maschf, November 14, 1921: GB151969-A (2 worldwide citation)

151,969. Deutsche Maschinenfabrik Akt.-Ges., (Assignees of Meyer Akt.-Ges. f r Maschinen-und Bergbau, R., and Strucksberg, P.). March 9, 1914, [Convention date]. No Patent granted (Scaling fee not paid). Fixed-abutment type; regulating pumps. - A regulating-device for a rotary pump of the type havin ...