SCHAEFER WILHELM: [en] Improvements in Windows.. SCHAEFER WILHELM, April 10, 1913: GB191303859-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] 3859. Schõfer, W. Feb. 19, 1912, [Convention date]. Glazing.-Inner and outer metal strips d, c are detachably secured to the sash bars a by spacing-blocks g with screws h, i, which engage in threaded holes. in the sash bars, and receive clamping-nuts k, the outer strips being formed with hook-s ...


DOORNKAAT KOOLMAN JACOBUS TEN: [en] Improvements in or relating to Filters for Liquid.. DOORNKAAT KOOLMAN JACOBUS TEN, April 10, 1913: GB191223867-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] 23,867. Koolman, J. ten Doornkaat-. Nov. 1, 1911, [Convention date]. Filter-presses.-Grids for distributing and collecting the liquid in presses having a compressed fibrous filtering-medium are constructed with bars d forming channels substantially parallel with the circumference or sides of th ...

KOPPERS HEINRICH: [en] Improvements in Cooling Apparatus.. KOPPERS HEINRICH, April 10, 1913: GB191222869-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] 22,869. Koppers, H. Oct. 7. Packing, adjusting.-In a cooler comprising an outer tube and one or more wall tubes h connected to the casing b and header m by a packed joint to allow for expansion &c., a perforated ring p is arranged to divide the packing into two parts n, o, the perforations q al ...



THOMPSON WILLIAM PHILLIPS: [en] A Method of Making Hollow Rings or Bands from Strips of Sheet Metal, and Apparatus therefor.. THOMPSON WILLIAM PHILLIPS, April 10, 1913: GB191224835-A (1 worldwide citation)

[en] 24,835. Thompson, W. P., [Bremer & Br ckmann]. Oct. 30. Bending-dies shearing-adjuncts stamping soldering.-In the manufacture of tubular rings. more especially for use in fastening bottle closures, a strip of metal is bent into a cylinder on a mandrel and then, by the axial displacement of the ...

PETERSEN ANKER: [en] Rotary Braiding Machines.. BOSTON MACHINERY COMPANY, April 10, 1913: GB191224048-A (1 worldwide citation)

[en] 24,048. Petersen, A., and Boston Machinery Co. Oct. 21. Braiding-machines.-Relates to machines having two sets of thread-supply carriers travelling in opposite directions, the threads of the one set being interlaced with the threads of the other set by cam-operated levers. The finished braid is ...

MACDONALD ELLEN: [en] Improvements in Sink Strainers.. MACDONALD ELLEN, April 10, 1913: GB191221608-A (1 worldwide citation)

[en] 21,608. MacDonald, E. Sept 23. Strainers for sinks. A vessel a containing a straining-disk g and a funnel bottom b is fitted with legs f to stand over a waste-pipe.