SOMAN WASUDEO BALWANT: [en] Improvements in Shuttles for Weaving.. SOMAN WASUDEO BALWANT, October 1, 1898: GB189818769-A

[en] 18,769. Soman, W. B. Sept. 2. Loom shuttles are formed with a straight channelshaped delivery passage e, guarded externally by wires d, and are provided with a wire loop c, to enable them to be threaded by an ordinary reed hook.

THOMPSON WILLIAM PHILLIPS: [en] Improvements in or connected with Lubricators.. THOMPSON WILLIAM PHILLIPS, October 1, 1898: GB189818669-A

[en] 18,669. Thompson, W. P., [Loos, H. F.]. Aug. 31. Lubricators.-Lubricators for cycles &c. Fig. 1 shows a form of lubricator in which the cylinder 3 attached to the cover 2 is slit at the sides, which spring outwardly. The cover is thus held in any position, with the filling-aperture o open or cl ...



ELLIOTT ARTHUR JOHN: [en] A New or Improved Device for Use in connection with Blind Cords and the like.. ELLIOTT ARTHUR JOHN, October 1, 1898: GB189818560-A

[en] 18,560. Elliott, A. J. Aug. 30. Window blinds.- Rack pulleys. The endless cord p passes round a hook c engaging a rubber loop c enclosed in a metal case a. A hook k d engages the other end of the loop c, and is fixed to the window frame.