Nie Yajie: Qigong-acupoint therapy instrument with electronic audio wave. Nie Yajie, ZHU GUANGLIN, February 5, 1992: CN90105182 (1 worldwide citation)

This therapy instrument is a medical appliance which is composed of audio signals generator (may be the audio output of radio or sound recorder), equalizer, amplifier, isolator, output interface, indicator, power supply and two output plates. The audio output device uses the magnetic tape with Qigon ...


Hu Shibin: Fuel oil additive and its prodn. method. Hu Shibin, zhu guanglin, October 28, 1998: CN98113816

An additive of fuel oil is prepared from light hydrocarbon obtained from oil refinery including alcohols by mixing it with alkyl compound including alkanolamine, antioxidizing agent such as hydroquinone, catalyst such as salts or esters, and cleaner including condensed sodium silicate, and features ...

Liu Guowang: Method and equipment for measuring and calculating curvature radius of quenched bent rib. Shenyang Automatization Inst, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhu guanglin, February 9, 2000: CN98114203

A method and equipment for measuring and calculating the curvature radius of quenched curved rid is disclosed. Said equipment is composed of position-limiting mechanism and oil cylinder, water cooled MF transformer, MF induction coil with cooling water jacket, pressing location mechanism and raster ...

Zhang Zhenhou, Huan Wenfu: Technological process of preparing alloy film by using magnetically controlled sputtering target of different material. Shenyang Scientific Instrument Development Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhu guanglin, March 22, 2000: CN98114306

The present invention is technological process of preparing alloy and compound film. One pair of opposite magnetically controlled sputtering targets has target material A in one target and target material B in the other target and can be used to form film alloy A + B on one substrate. During sputter ...

Qi Quanlin: External used chinese medicine preparation for traumatic injury. Qi Quanlin, zhu guanglin, August 25, 1999: CN98113776

An exterior-applied Chinese medicine for treating trauma, bone fracture and wound is prepared from 15 Chinese-medicinal materials such as Chinese angelica root, eucommia bark, Chuan-xiong rhizome, frankincense, etc through grinding, mixing with vaselline and coating onto white cloth to obtain dressi ...

Song Qiguo: Low temperature osmotic welding process. Song Qiguo, zhu guanglin, December 29, 1999: CN98114095

The welding process is mainly for welding aluminum parts. Aluminum parts to be welded are first pre-treated, then painted with solvent and finally welded by using low-temperature welding rod made of aluminum, silver and cadmium in small acetylene welder. Using low-temperature welding rod results in ...