Etienne Cautenet: High pressure low volume pump. Gilson, zheng xiuzhe, February 19, 2003: CN01804744 (19 worldwide citation)

A piston carrier (46) supports an elongated, slender piston rod (12) for reciprocation in a pump cylinder (30) to pump fluid into and out of the cylinder (30). The piston rod (12) is made of a material such as sapphire or zircon and has a diameter less than about ten millimeters, and the pump (10) c ...

Basuki Muljadi: Iron with curved base surface. Basuki Muljadi, zheng xiuzhe, August 27, 2003: CN01810492 (8 worldwide citation)

Iron (1) for garments includes curved base surface (2) wherein cross-section of curved base surface (2) in longitudinal direction and/or transverse direction is substantially semi-elliptical shape. Iron (1) includes handle (5) which allows movement of iron in all directions across a surface.

Petrus C Kriesels, Djurre H Zijsling: Drill bit. Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij, zheng xiuzhe, February 18, 2004: CN01819484 (2 worldwide citation)

A drill hit for drilling a borehole into an earth formation is provided. The drill bit has a central longitudinal axis and a bottom surface facing the borehole bottom during drilling with the drill bit, and comprises primary fluid injection means (10) arranged at the bottom surface and located at a ...

Lasse L Hessel, Jesper Malling: Ostomy bag with coupling. Biota, zheng xiuzhe, May 7, 2003: CN01803484 (2 worldwide citation)

An ostomy bag (8) with a wall (10) of a flexible material and a first coupling member (14) for detachably coupling the ostomy bag with an implant (9), for example an implant surrounding the stoma, and designed with a circumferential groove (15). The first coupling member (14) is a spring ring (1) co ...

Aa Kornatsky: Method and installation for building highway and highway. Arkady Alekseevich Kornatsky, zheng xiuzhe, July 7, 2004: CN01823323 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the method and installation for building highways. The aim of the invention is to extend operational capabilities of a mobile installation for building a highway in space-limited environment without reducing the traffic intensity, and to build the highway above an existing m ...

Bodo Fitler: Epicyclic gear. Micson Engine, zheng xiuzhe, March 10, 2004: CN02141609 (1 worldwide citation)

A planetary gear unit is composed of a planetary carrier rotating around the rotary shaft, and at least one planetary gear, a central gear and a ring gear, which are arranged on said planetary carrier. Said planetary gear can move relatively to said rotary shaft. Said ring gear aimed at reducing the ...

Robert E Gilson, Robert Norton: Probe tip alignment for precision liquid handler. Gilson, zheng xiuzhe, May 7, 2003: CN01806179 (1 worldwide citation)

A probe drive system (24) of a precision liquid handler (20) sequentially inserts probe tips (36) of a multiple probe array (30) into a locator well (76) at a known position on a locator bed (28). The position of each probe tip (36) is determined by driving the probe tip (36) into contact with point ...

Nakagawa Kito, Moriyama Jiro, Kamita Hidehiko: Image printing device, control method, storing medium and program. Canon, zheng xiuzhe, January 15, 2003: CN02122727 (1 worldwide citation)

Printing of a unit pixel (1/D = 1/600) in 4-pass printing (64 nozzles, and a total sheet supply amount of 62/600 in four operations) is exemplified in an image printing apparatus capable of printing a uniform, high-quality image while avoiding printing of a visually nonuniform image in multipass pri ...

Ota Juno, Hatayama Junshi: Generating voltage charging method for motor. Honda Giken Kogyo, zheng xiuzhe, May 1, 2002: CN01132517 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention is to perform a step for boosting by inputting an oscillation pulse Pb generated by an oscillator 54 on direct current output and a step for boosting by inputting a CPU pulse Pc generated by CPU 55a on direct current output in a chopper in the generated voltage boosting method of a gen ...

W Kaiser, R Schmitt: Removal of hydrocarbons from waste alkali from alkaline tower. BASF, zheng xiuzhe, December 12, 2001: CN01118961 (1 worldwide citation)

The method for removal of a hydrocarbon from a waste alkali in plants for splitting saturated hydrocarbons comprises contacting a waste alkali countercurrently with a stripping gas to absorb a hydrocarbon in at least one column, wherein the stripping is carried out in a tray column provided with a c ...