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A system for enterprise information integration is described. The system is based on different layers: the data sources, source ontologies corresponding to the data schema of the data sources, an integration ontology integrating the different source ontologies, a level of query input, preferably in ...

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A systems and a method detect conflicting applications which might interfere with the expected operation of a selected program. Conflicts are managed before they interfere with the operation of the selected program.

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The present invention provides a system and a method making an archived conference or presentation searchable after being stored in the archive server. According to the invention, one or more media streams coded according to H.323 or SIP are transmitted to a conversion engine for converting multimed ...

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A reel cassette device (1) for an electric wire has a case (5) for receiving a coiled electric wire bundle (3) and also has a pressing lid (7) for pressing the wire bundle (3) by its own weight. The case (5) has a bottom (5a) on which the wire bundle (3) is placed, a shaft (5b) upstanding on the bot ...

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A system is described that includes a power conversion module, a data port, a controller to receive data from the data port, and a data store containing instructions that when executed by the controller perform operations to control the power conversion module. The operations include executing instr ...

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The invention provides a method and an apparatus for a payment served based on a card of a purchaser instead of a wire or wireless card inquiry apparatus or a payment gateway program owned and managed by a merchant. The method includes confirming merchandising member store information provided after ...

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A method of providing cooled air to electronic equipment includes capturing heated air from a volume containing electronic equipment, cooling the heated air by more than fifteen degrees Celsius in an air-to-water heat exchanger, and supplying cooling water to the air-to-water heat exchanger at a tem ...

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A method for powering a system is described. The method includes receiving a signal that indicates availability of a primary power source to supply operating power to a plurality of computing devices, and responsive to the received signal, transitioning each of the plurality of computing devices fro ...

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A computer system may include a connecting hub having a plurality of docking regions and be configured to provide to each docking region electrical power, a data network interface, a cooling fluid supply and a cooling fluid return; and a plurality of shipping containers that each enclose a modular c ...

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A system for providing ventilation to rack-mounted computers includes a plurality of rack-mounted computers on a plurality of motherboards each having a front end near a work space and a back end, a plurality of fans mounted near the back end of each of the plurality of motherboards and adapted to d ...