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A method for detecting an electric field surrounding an electrical component with a device having a liquid crystal display element, the device being positioned at a distance from the component and being unconnected ohmically to either the component or ground.

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A display presenting a three-dimensional visual effect, has (I) a plurality of stacked layers of a display material containing a plurality of pixels which are each independently switchable from a first visual state to a second visual state, each layer having pixels of the same color or combination o ...

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A technique for weakening an interconnection wire provided on a contact on an electronic component, in which the wire is weakened by means of an arc which is created between the wire and an electrode provided in an aperture in the wall of the bonding head of the wire bonder through which the wire is ...

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A display presenting an image having enhanced contrast has a screen which switches between a bright, image-presenting state and a dark, image-less state, to minimize glare from ambient light reflections. Alternatively, a shutter which switches between a substantially transparent state and a dark, li ...

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The invention provides a technique for interconnecting electronic components in which interconnection wires are bonded to contacts on a first component without the use of a material other than the materials of the contacts and the wires; the wires are then severed to a desired length of between 2d a ...

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The present invention provides curable gel compositions and also cured gel compositions which possess unexpectedly superior combinations of physical properties and aging resistance. These compositions are particularly useful for environmentally protecting substrates especially electrical conductors, ...

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A display having (a) a first electrode; (b) a second electrode; (c) a display medium positioned between the first and second electrodes, which display medium is switchable between a first state in which incident light is at least one of scattered and absorbed and a second state in which the amount o ...


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Nanocomposites are made by melt-blending a melt processable polymer having a high melt processing temperature and an organophosphonium cation modified layered clay. Such modified layered clay is more stable at the higher temperatures encountered during the melt processing of such a melt processable ...

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Gel compositions comprising styrene-(ethylene/propylene)styrene (SEPS) block copolymer having Mw of at least 180,000 and polystyrene content of 25-45 weight percent, and at least 300 parts by weight percent, and at least 300 parts by weight of extender liquid per 100 parts by weight of the block cop ...