Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
Mohamed Skiba, Denis Wouessidjewe, Antony Coleman, Hatem Fessi, Jean Philippe Devissaguet, Dominique Duchene, Francis Puisieux: Preparation and use of novel cyclodextrin-based dispersible colloidal systems in the form of nanospheres. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Young & Thompson, February 17, 1998: US05718905 (7 worldwide citation)

A nanoparticulate system prepared by: 1) preparing a liquid phase essentially consisting of a solution of cyclodextrin modified by acyl groups in an organic solvent or solvent mixture, an active molecule being optionally added thereto; 2) preparing a second liquid phase essentially consisting of wat ...

Simon Rushworth
David Farrusseng, Claude Mirodatos, Michael Rebeilleau, André Van Veen, Simon Rushworth, Jean Luc Rousset: Oxygen conducting membranes, preparation method thereof, and reactor and method using same. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Young & Thompson, February 22, 2011: US07893002 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an oxygen conducting membrane includes a dense, mixed-conducting, multi-metallic oxide membrane having one surface which is coated with dispersed particles based on noble metals or magnesium oxide.

Haruo Inoue: Slot machine having two distinct sets of reels. Eagle, Young & Thompson, March 3, 1998: US05722891 (781 worldwide citation)

A slot machine for playing games has a set of three normal reels, with symbols arranged on their peripheries. The normal reels are rotated in a normal game, and are stopped to determine a win, in accordance with a combination of symbols of the normal reels along a predetermined first winning line. A ...

Julian Menashe: Interactive, computerised gaming system with remote terminals. Young & Thompson, December 24, 1996: US05586937 (484 worldwide citation)

The gaming system includes a host computer, a plurality of general purpose terminal computers forming player stations remote from the host, means for providing communication between each of the terminals and the host. Each terminal has a program for generating screen graphics and sound locally in re ...

Kazuo Okada: Game machine. Kabushiki Kaisha Universal, Young & Thompson, January 12, 1993: US05178390 (445 worldwide citation)

A slot machine wherein a predetermined insurance premium value is set for example by inserting a predetermined number of coins besides a value, e.g. a number of coins, to be bet on each game prior to starting a game, thereby to start an insurance period. During the insurance period, the values havin ...

George Clarke: Slot machine which pays out upon predetermined number of consecutive lost games. Kabushiki Kaisha Universal, Young & Thompson, June 2, 1987: US04669731 (428 worldwide citation)

A slot machine of the type having a plurality of rotatable reels, each bearing an annular row of various symbols on the outer surface thereof, or a corresponding CRT display, which selects and displays combinations of symbols during each game, and which pays out coins not only when predetermined pri ...

Gilles Voydeville: Intervertebral prosthesis making possible rotatory stabilization and flexion/extension stabilization. Young & Thompson, March 11, 1997: US05609634 (426 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis including (a) a flexible ligament (1) with a first narrowed thinner portion (2) and a second wider portion (3) forming an extension of, and having a greater width and thickness (e2) than, the first portion, which portion may be passed around the spinous processes (12) of two adjacent ve ...

Michel Bisserie: Intervertebral disk prosthesis. Young & Thompson, December 30, 1997: US05702450 (414 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral disk prosthesis designed to replace at least partially an intervertebral disk which is composed of a left half-disk, and a right half-disk, each of the half-disks covering a half-disk surface. The prosthesis is at least one prosthetic member each of which having a rigid upper plate ...

Kazuo Okada: Game machine. Kabushiki Kaisha Universal, Young & Thompson, October 6, 1992: US05152529 (384 worldwide citation)

A game machine displays in a display window a first and a second series of symbols in a column such that the first series of symbols are movingly displayed and thereafter a predetermined number of stationary symbols of the first series are displayed in a display window when the first series stops. I ...

Ronald Arthur Watts, Alan Parker: Gaming or amusement machines. Astra Innovations, Young & Thompson, July 7, 1998: US05775692 (370 worldwide citation)

A gaming or amusement-with-prizes machine has two stage or multi-stage operation. Conveniently, it takes the form of a fruit machine, and a first reel spin produces a combination of symbols on a line. One or more of these combinations enable the reels to be spun again, as part of the same play or ga ...

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