Russell A Budd, Derek B Dove: Compact optical system for use in virtual display applications. International Business Machines Corporation, Yoshihiro Ichii, Ryan Mason & Lewis, April 24, 2001: US06222677 (210 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a newly designed head mounted virtual image display that is dramatically less in weight than is known in the art by virtue of a unique beam folding design, making possible wearable computer systems of significantly greater convenience and acceptability to a wide range of users ...


Walter Haeberle, Mark I Lutwyche, Peter Vettiger: Magnetic scanning or positioning system with at least two degrees of freedom. Yoshihiro Ichii, Ibm Corporation, November 29, 2001: US20010045530-A1

A scanning or positioning system with at least two degrees of freedom is provided comprising a supporting base equipped with magnets, a movable platform equipped with at least two electrical coils, and suspension elements providing an elastic connection between the movable platform and the supportin ...

Tilman A Beierlein, Eliav Haskal, Heike Riel, Walter Riess, Paul Seidler, Samuel Clagett Strite, Horst Vestweber: Anode modification for organic light emitting diodes. Yoshihiro Ichii, Ibm Corporation, August 29, 2002: US20020117962-A1

An organic light emitting device is provided which comprises a cathode (51), an anode (48, 47, 46), and an organic region (50, 49) in which electroluminescence takes place if a voltage is applied between said anode and cathode The anode comprises a metal layer (46), a barrier layer (47), and an anod ...