Dittbenner Clyde A: Shipping container. Wynne and Finken, January 1, 1974: US3782619 (28 worldwide citation)

A shipping container for air transport of a casket or the like is provided, which can be shipped to the user in a compact condition, erected at the place of use, and discarded after use. The elements of the shipping container involve in combination a casket protecting enclosure and a lifting flat pl ...

Donald Elston Shellabarger, Chattanooga TN 37421: Tire bead sealing and supporting means for retreading mold. Wynne and Finken, September 12, 1972: US3690794 (4 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for retreading tires without the use of an air bag or tube. Sound fluid tight integrity during initial tire inflation is provided by a bead seater means, preferably in the form of an internal annular belt which presses the tire beads against outer rims to produce a sealing e ...

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