Harvey Wolinsky: Method and apparatus for removing arterial constriction. Wyatt Gerber Shoup Scobey and Badie, January 13, 1987: US04636195 (224 worldwide citation)

A catheter is described with distal and proximate balloon segments expansible to produce a chamber around arterial plaque and a conduit for delivering solubilizing liquid into the chamber. The catheter may also contain a central expansible balloon to assist in forcing the liquid into the plaque and ...

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The sintered microporous hydroxyapatite material of the invention is useful as an artificial bone substitute material either in a granular and slurried from in a physiological saline solution used as a filling material for lost portions or cavities of bones or in a form of a shaped prosthetic bone s ...

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A device is disclosed for use in connecting a prosthesis to bone such as connecting an artificial tooth or dental bridge to the jaws which comprises an implant portion or screw for connection to the bone, the screw having a head and a downwardly tapered shaft, an abutment portion for connection to t ...

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This invention relates to a corrugated board-like sheet made of a synthetic resin. More particularly, it relates to a corrugated board-like sheet made of a synthetic resin having a flap portion with hinge effect.

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The invention provides a novel and improved photosensitive or photocurable composition useful as a photoresist material in the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices such as LSIs by the lithographic process involving etching, in particular, with low temperature plasma in a dry process. The p ...

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A contact lens material made of an organosiloxane ester copolymer. The organosiloxane is represented by the general formula: ##STR1## and the ester is composed of C.sub.1 -C.sub.10 mono- or multi-valent alcohol and methacrylic acid, acrylic acid or itaconic acid. The contact lens is oxygen permeable ...

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This invention relates to a cement-shrinkage-reducing agent and a cement composition comprising a compound of the general formula RO(AO).sub.n H (in which R represents a C.sub.1-7 alkyl or C.sub.5-6 cycloalkyl radical, A represents one or more C.sub.2-3 alkylene radicals, and n has a value of 1-10) ...

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Use of the novel compound tin mesoporphyrin and compositions containing it to inhibit heme metabolism in mammals, to control the rate of tryptophan metabolism in mammals, and to increase the rate at which heme is excreted by mammals.

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In a sealing device for a rolling bearing wherein the clearance between an outer race and an inner race is sealed by a sealing plate fixed to the outer race side, the sealing plate has on its inner periphery an axially extending inner lip, a radially extending outer lip and an intermediate lip exten ...

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A preparation containing an absorption promoter selected from specific classes of water-soluble macromolecular compounds having chelating activity, preferably in the presence of a salt at a concentration such that the composition exhibits higher osmotic pressure than isotonic sodium chloride solutio ...