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It is often desirable to operate ultraviolet (UV) water treatment systems at high fluid velocities; such as, when low UV doses are required, the UV transmittance of the water being treated is high, or when a high intensity radiation source is used. The operation of an open channel UV fluid treatment ...

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A rotary-wing aircraft comprises a main rotor, a tail boom extending through an area of downwash from the main rotor, and first and second linear nozzles fixedly coupled to the tail boom. The first nozzle is adapted to discharge a sheet of fluid in a direction substantially tangential to an outer su ...

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The invention relates to a brush head for a motor-driven toothbrush, the drive of which can drive the brush head in a rotationally oscillating manner. Said brush head comprises a number of bristles and a bristle support to which the bristles are fixed. The bristle support is essentially plate-like i ...

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An acoustic transmission connection, e.g. for a headset (13), comprises a sound tube (2) through which speech signals can be transmitted from a first end (16) to a transducer, e.g. a microphone, in a housing or a housing part (3) of the headset. In the sound tube (2) and in the housing part (3), mea ...

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A hydraulic energy storage system for vehicles to provide higher efficiency, smaller package size, lower weight, unitary construction, durability and enhanced reliability while maintaining the capability to efficiently store and restore energy at high power levels.

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The camera of this invention has a film cassette compartment, a film spool, a film exposing area, and an interlock that prevents moving exposed film from the film cassette. With the camera, a film cassette is loaded into the film cassette compartment. The film is then locaded by moving the film from ...

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The invention relates to a method and to a device for system- and/or process-monitoring in connection with a measurement apparatus that determines/monitors at least one process parameter of a medium (12). An object of the invention is to provide a method and a device which enable statements to be ma ...

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The camera of the invention includes an improved shutter system that has the same shutter waveform when a flash is employer and when a flash is not employed. In a preferred embodiment, the shutter system includes a shutter that is rotatably mounted to the camera and a shutter opening over which the ...

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A method of measuring image characteristics capable of high-precision measurement of the image characteristics of a projection optical system according to illuminating conditions at exposure and an atmospheric pressure surrounding the projection optical system, and an exposure method. With reference ...

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The camera of this invention may include a first viewfinder lens disposed in the front of the camera and a second viewfinder lens disposed in the back of the camera. Preferably, these viewfinder lenses are affixed to the camera and are non-moveable. A camera of this invention may further include a f ...