Hermanus Marie Henricus Van Wechem, Oharles Victor Sternling: Gas reactor for lignites. Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij, WU DAJIAN QUAN JING, November 26, 1986: CN86103455 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process and reactor for converting coal of high moisture content and ash content to synthesis gas. The gasification reactor is provided with a plurality of burner openings which are arranged in the reactor at two levels. The burners at the lower level point downwards and a ...

Goto Fumisato, Sasaki Toshio, Takaki Katsuyuki: Method and device for preparing fatty acid ester. Sumitomo Chemical, wu dajian zhong shouqi, April 9, 2003: CN01142887 (7 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing a fatty acid ester with suppressing the discharge of unreacted reactants and/or intermediate products, which comprises reacting fats and oils with a monohydric alcohol in a reactor under conditions where the monohydric alcohol is in a supercritical state, wherein a reaction mi ...

Gerd Emmrich, Gerhard Preusser, Martin Schulze: Separating process for paraffinic olefine c4-hydrocarbon. Krupp Koppers, WU DAJIAN QUAN JING, March 11, 1987: CN86104676 (3 worldwide citation)

A process for the separation by extractive distillation using morpholine as the selective solvent, the olefins together with the solvent being taken off from the bottom of the extractive distillation column and being separated from the solvent in a downstream stripping column.

Herbert Schachner: Body with superhard coating. Santrade, WU DAJIAN QUAN JING, January 7, 1987: CN85104959 (2 worldwide citation)

The body has a base lining and a fine diamond coating. The diamond grains are directly combined each other. So the body has high hardness, it is very suitable to make knives and wear resistant parts. Due to its good thermo-conductivity and high electric resistance, the body can also be used to absor ...

Gunter Gelsdorf, Harald Boess: Application of cement-free vibrating mass based on alumina and/or zirconium dioxide in production of wear parts. Didier Werke, 6200 Wiesbaden Frg, WU DAJIAN QUAN JING, September 3, 1986: CN86100725 (2 worldwide citation)

Use of cement-free vibratable compositions based on aluminium oxide and/or zirconium dioxide, optionally also with the use of up to 10 wt.% chromium oxide (Cr2 O3 ), silicon carbide (SiC) and/or carbon carriers, and with a content of 2 to 8 wt.%, with respect to the other solid components, of amorph ...

B Battenbach, D Stapuf, M Bachterlle: Premixed burning furnace body for partial oxidation process. BASF, wu dajian, March 27, 2002: CN01141008 (2 worldwide citation)

The present application relates to a burner block (1) comprising a base (2), a plurality of hydrocarbon channels (3) for the passage of hydrocarbon/air mixtures used as reactants, and at least one oxygen channel (4) for the passage of air or an air/oxygen mixture. An ignition burner (5) is optionall ...

Seiki Hasegawa: Fire retardant composition and cable made from same. Fuzikura Cable Works, WU DAJIAN LUO HONG, January 17, 1987: CN85101465 (2 worldwide citation)

It consists of (by wt.) 100 parts of rubber or plastic (which contains no halogen) is mixed with 50-200 parts of Mg(OH)2 powder (whose size is 0.5-2 micron) and carbon black whose oil-adsorb ability is 0.5-2 ml/g. Organic peroxide and S or sulfide is used as crosslinking agent. The title compound ca ...

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Process for fabricating a turbine blade for use in land based or marine combustion turbines and in particular is a thin ceramic coating applied to at least the portion of the blades which is designed to operate in the 1100-1500 DEG F temperature range and especially in turbines designed to be useabl ...

Rene Tessore: Method of treating the regnant atmosphere in the greenhouses and other enclosures under shelter, and equipment for using this method. Rene Tessore, France, WU DAJIAN QUAN JING, January 7, 1987: CN86103548 (1 worldwide citation)

Method and installation for treating the atmosphere prevailing in greenhouses and other sheltered housings, comprising the taking of air (1) which is intended to create the atmosphere in the shelter or the greenhouse, selectively, inside or outside said local, subjecting said air to at least one fil ...

Makida Mitsuyasu, Matsunaga Tadako: Insecticidal resin composition. Sumitomo Chemical, wu dajian, August 22, 2001: CN01103062 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a pest-controlling composition which contains a pyrethroid compound, a thermoplastic resin and a plasticizer of enough gelation quantity. The present invention also provides a method of preventing pest. Futher, the present invention provides a methed to prepare the pes ...