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A community of collaborative software agents works together in a domain to provide functionality such as provision of communications services or control of a chemical process. A scheduler is built into each collaborative agent which schedules tasks allocated to that particular agent and tasks sub-al ...

Alonzo Ellis: System and method for maintaining N number of simultaneous cryptographic sessions using a distributed computing environment. Michael Hetherington, Woodside IP Group, August 1, 2006: US07086086 (51 worldwide citation)

An N session distributed architecture provides a software solution to the major computational challenges faced with providing secure communication. A registration entity is identified as the session arbitrator through which N devices on a network dynamically participate in establishing, maintaining ...

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A wire saw and wafer stabilizing system are provided for holding wafer sections invariantly against vibration and unwanted movement during the sawing process. A stabilizing means is applied to the ends of partially defined wafer sections at an early stage when the wafer sections are partially cut th ...

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An improved flow measurement device is provided in a flow path for direct measurement of flow. An internal heat source solves the problem of heat transfer in conventional mass flow meters. The heat transfer associated with the internal heater forms the basis of flow measurement, and improved accurac ...

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A pinch valve is described wherein the critical flow path is modified to form a space between two opposing metal disks that transition between an open and a closed state. The disks are characterized by a spring constant and act like a diaphragm. A closure force is applied externally to completely cl ...

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A terrain database that is rendered in three-dimensional perspective on a Synthetic Vision display in a moving vehicle is updated in real-time in response to data from a ranging sensor. The updated database may be stored and shared with users of displays in other vehicles.

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A self-viewing environment and an apparatus enabling unrestricted movement of a subject within the self-viewing environment are disclosed. A subject wears a head mounted display that receives a video signal by wireless transmission. The subject is positioned within the field of view of a video camer ...

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A low aspect ratio concentrator photovoltaic module has blazed grating surfaces on the light incident and/or reflective light planes that direct optimal wavelengths of light energy to a photo receptor enabling a total internal reflection condition to be achieved with a significantly smaller apex ang ...

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A tilting mirror MEMS variable optical attenuator attenuates light over a band of wavelengths with minimum wavelength dependent loss. The attenuator includes a lens that has a wedged input face and is made from a material that has high dispersion. The lens design causes different wavelengths to trav ...

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A modular heating element that facilitates removal and replacement without disassembly of a furnace provides a precisely controllable process temperature in the range 1000-1400 degrees centigrade. The configuration of the heating element is linear rather than coiled, and the temperature is monitored ...