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An endovascular stent formed of stainless steel wire of 0.018 inches diameter and arranged in a closed zig-zag pattern. The stent is compressed into a reduced size shape of an outer diameter which is many times smaller than its expanded shape. The stent is positioned in a passageway in the vascular ...

Charles T Dotter: Transluminally placed expandable graft prosthesis. Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, March 12, 1985: US04503569 (821 worldwide citation)

A transluminally placed endovascular graft prosthesis includes a helically wound coil having a generally tubular shape and is made of a shape memory Nitinol alloy having a transition temperature in the range of 115.degree.-125.degree. F. After placement within a body blood vessel and upon heating of ...

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A plurality of resilient wires interconnected at their respective ends form a collapsible filter basket adapted to be introduced into a blood vessel of a patient. The basket in its expanded and relaxed state forms an apertured, elongate solid of revolution with pointed ends and has a base as measure ...

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A blood clot filter which is particularly suited for filtering emboli from blood circulating through the inferior vena cava. The filter is comprised of a number of strands of shape memory wire which are interconnected and wadded together to form a curly wire mesh. The wire strands may be substantial ...

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A preferred embodiment of the anastomosis device comprises a cylindrical, radially resilient spring upon which is attached a number of outwardly extending barbs. The radial spring action significantly simplifies the anastomosis procedure and in addition allows the mended portion of the blood vessel ...

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Hemostasis cannula comprising a body having a passage therethrough adapted to receive a catheter and three side-by-side gaskets mounted in the passage. The gaskets form a seal around a catheter enclosed within the cannula. When the catheter is removed, the gaskets block air flow into the patient's b ...

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This invention relates to a flexible cannula comprising material which tears readily in a longitudinal direction and can thus be easily removed by pulling tabs on opposite sides of the cannula apart after the catheter or other device has been inserted into the body.

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An apparatus for reducing obesity in human beings having an inflatable bag to which a flexible tube is attached. The bag is positioned in the stomach, usually by swallowing, and the tube extends up through the esophagus and out of a nasal cavity or out from the abdomen when a gastrostomy is performe ...

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An addressable cable television system includes a transmission cable for transmitting a plurality of television signals driven onto the cable from a head end thereof and a plurality of multiple subscriber controllers coupled to the cable for controlling reception of television signals by a plurality ...

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An automatic pill dispenser for dispensing medical pills having different prescribed administration schedules includes a plurality of pill storage compartments each capable of holding more than one pill, an automatic release mechanism for dispensing pills at predetermined time intervals correspondin ...