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A surgical instrument having a body with a rear proximal end and a forward distal end and a grip assembly attached to the body for facilitating holding and manipulation of the surgical instrument by the hand of a user. The grip assembly has front and rear handles that are movable relative to each ot ...

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An instrument for delivering a pre-tied suture assembly, having a needle carrying a thread with a noose thereon, into a body cavity. The needle has a pointed free end to puncture a tissue and guide movement of the needle and thread therethrough. The instrument has an elongate body with proximal and ...

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A jig for consistently orienting surgical instrument. The jig has a base for placement against a tissue in the vicinity of where a surgical procedure is to be performed, a yoke, an instrument support sleeve on the yoke and defining a passageway for the introduction of a surgical instrument to be ins ...

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A composite drill pipe has a fiber reinforced synthetic tube with a leading end and a trailing end spaced axially from the leading end, with the leading end of the tube being engageable with a bit for drilling a bore through the earth when a force is applied to the trailing end of the tube. Hardened ...

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A fake-proof card verification system allows for the reading of data from an EEPROM memory device. A photographic-type image is stored in the memory device. The data comprises a data table containing randomly distributed unique serialized information. This information may be the serial number of the ...

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The present invention generally relates to manufacturing apparatus, method of manufacture, and products manufactured thereby and more particularly to an integral three-dimensional object (6, 15) formed from individually contoured laminations (4, 62) of the same or gradually varying shape, successive ...

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An artificial lifting system is designed for use at a pumping installation which has a pump drive at the surface or head end of a well and a reciprocating pump positioned in the lower end of the well. The artificial lifting system has a tubing string connected between the pump drive and the pump for ...

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An apparatus for facilitating the safe removal of a mass from within a body cavity. The apparatus has a membrane that can be selectively placed in a) an expanded state wherein the membrane defines an internal space for reception of a mass to be removed from the cavity and b) a collapsed state wherei ...

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A display device having a front cartridge section against which objects can be stacked, one against the other, in a first line; first and second strips each wound about itself to define first and second coils with first and second axes; structure for connecting the strips to the front cartridge sect ...

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A two stage centrifugal and shear pump is characterized by low turbulence for pumping delicate liquids, as blood. Centrifugal first stage is a hollow shaft on which the shear pump discs are mounted. Offset slots in the shaft and disc hubs direct liquid out of the shaft to the discs.