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Various catalyst compositions including the contact product of at least one ansa-metallocene compound, at least one organoaluminum compound, and at least one activator-support are disclosed. Processes for forming such compositions and for forming polyolefins with such compositions are also disclosed ...

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The invention is concerned with a method of deriving mechanical work from a combustion gas in internal combustion engines and reciprocating internal combustion engines for carrying out the method. The invention includes methods and apparatuses for managing combustion charge densities, temperatures, ...

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A method of testing a haptic device that includes an actuator and has a first weight includes placing the haptic device on a test fixture that has a second weight that is greater than the first weight. The haptic device is placed on the test fixture so that the actuator within the haptic device is s ...

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A carton for holding a dispensable material. The carton has a dispenser panel including a spout for dispensing the material. An outer spout panel overlaps the spout in the dispenser panel and is at least partially detachable from the dispenser panel to facilitate opening the spout.

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A frame device for supporting objects such as batteries during seismic stress, comprising a pair of end frame members mounted in upstanding spaced apart relation by a plurality of vertically spaced elongated channel support members secured at opposite terminal ends to the vertical columns of the end ...

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A thermoplastic molding composition containing talc is disclosed. The composition wherein talc has a median particle size of less than 1000 nm further contains a polycarbonate and/or polyester-carbonate, and a graft polymer having as graft base a rubber having a glass transition temperature of below ...