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A method of fabricating semiconductor devices using ink-jet printing is provided to directly deposit patterned polymer films to create OLED's and other semiconductor devices. The luminescence of poly-vinylcarbazol (PVK) films, with dyes of coumarin 6 (C6), coumarin 47 (C47), and nile red was similar ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for cutting bone. In one embodiment, a femur is resected by means of pattern plates having a cutting path with at least two continuous, non-coplanar guide surfaces. The cutting path has a similar profile to the interior profile of a femoral prosthesis. The cutting ...

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An implant is provided for which has an outer bearing surface and an inner attachment surface. The outer bearing surface functions as ajoint contact surface for a reconstructed bone joint. The inner attachment surface contacts a bone and is attached thereto. The inner attachment surface of the impla ...

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Facsimile transcoding is dynamically invoked for devices that do not support T.38 fax protocol. In this way, a unified messaging platform can process facsimiles from endpoints that are not T.38 capable without using without digital signal processor resources. Dynamic fax transcoding can be performed ...

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A process for producing a ceramic composite having a porous network. The process includes providing a photocurable ceramic dispersion. The dispersion consists of a photocurable polymer and a ceramic composition. The surface of the dispersion is scanned with a laser to cure the photocurable polymer t ...

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A central station is provided to which the pharmacy can forward calls at the convenience of the pharmacy. A caller will call in to the pharmacy to request a refill and the call will be automatically routed to the central facility unbeknownst to the caller. The central station will obtain the refill ...

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A tool for tensioning loosening, and opening spring-type clamping elements with two radially outward-projecting actuating arms, the tool including a hand-operable actuating part, a Bowden cable having a bore and a sheath, the Bowden cable being connected to the actuating part, and a tensioning part ...

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A method for controlling digit movement of a prosthesis based on residual forelimb volitional pressures is provided. A filter is provided for discriminating from the distributed pressures to provide reliable digit control. The extracted commands can be used to control actuators in a hand prosthesis ...

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A language recognition methodology is provided whereby any finite-state model of context may be used in a very general class of decoding cascades, and without requiring specialized decoders or full network expansion. The methodology includes two fundamental improvements: (1) a simple generalization, ...

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A method is provided for recovery of lost cells in a telecommunications infrastructure such as an ATM network wherein an error recovery scheme is incorporated into the network infrastructure to allow recovery of cells along the network.