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An X-ray generator has a Pierce type electron gun comprising an electron emissive cathode, field shaping electrodes connected thereto, a first accelerating anode spaced from the cathode and an X-ray target anode spaced from the accelerating anode for being impinged upon by a focused electron beam. C ...

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A physiological monitoring system for use with patients who are critically ill utilizes a system structure which is inherently modular, easily expandable, computer compatible, and 'fail soft'. The system is composed of bedside units, central station units and a central processing unit. Patient infor ...

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A gas cleaning system for hearth furnaces having means for injecting process fluids below the level of molten metal and means for adjusting air intake by means of dampers in the furnace or the gas flow system or adjustable gaps between the furnace and the gas cleaning system. The furnace may be oper ...

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The output circuit of an electric stimulator is connected to an organ such as the heart through a coupling capacitor. A semiconductor switch is triggered with a short pulse so that it partly discharges the capacitor and stimulates the organ. Immediately following the turn off of the first switch, a ...

McClory Robert M: Filter. Aqua Chem, Wiviott Fred, December 10, 1974: US3853761 (60 worldwide citation)

A water faucet filter unit with means for selectively directing impure water either through a replaceable filter cartridge or bypassing the cartridge, directly out a dispenser opening of the filter unit.

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A chassis for a four wheeled vehicle has an articulating linkage supporting each wheel for selectively moving the individual wheels independently into and away from the vehicle frame and also for selectively varying the vertical position of the wheels relative to the frame. One or both of the front ...

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A flame is produced in a combustion chamber with a burner supplied with fuel and less than the amount of air for complete combustion. The remainder of the air required for complete combustion is injected separately. Stack gas containing substantial carbon dioxide is mixed selectively with the gaseou ...

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An amplifier for the signal from a blood pressure transducer is balanced to zero reference by introducing its offset signal and an offset balancing or correction signal to a summing amplifier. The resulting difference signal is fed to a comparator. A trigger signal at the start of balancing starts s ...

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A physiological waveform detector such as for cardiac R-wave and blood pressure uses a comparator to compare the derivative of the waveform signal with a reference signal representing some percentage of the magnitude of the derivative of the waveform. If the derivative is of sufficient magnitude to ...

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Equiangularly spaced vectors correspond respectively with physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure and others. The ends of the vectors are connected and preferably form a circular contour on an oscilloscope display screen or printed readout. Variation of the vectors from their ref ...