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An elastically contractable, flexible side position for an integral disposable diaper. The side portion extends along the lateral edge of the diaper and an elastic contracting member is attached to the side portion adjacent the outer lateral edge of the side portion to elastically contract the outer ...

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Detergent compositions are disclosed incorporating combinations of specified ethoxylated zwitterionic compounds with other types of surfactants and with detergent builders to give enhanced particulate soil removal.

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Dentifrices contain water, a cationic therapeutic agent, and an amorphous silica abrasive which has been pretreated with hydrofluoric acid. Preferably, the cationic therapeutic agent is a metal cation such as indium ion. The pretreated abrasive has improved compatability with cationic agents so that ...

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Absorbent pad made of air-laid fiberized or disintegrated pulp lap dry embossed to provide a bilaterally staggered pattern such as a close packed hexagonal pattern of low density tufts surrounded and separated by bilaterally extending non-linear and preferably sinuous regions of higher density to pr ...

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Process and composition for improving the subsequent removability of oily soils and stains from polyester-containing fabrics through application of a renewable soil release finish to said fabrics from a dilute aqueous solution having an acid pH.

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A container assembly is provided which comprises a composite tubular body having an outwardly rolled top rim which body has an asymmetrically tabbed membrane-type closure sealingly secured to the rolled rim so that the peripheral section of the closure conforms radially and circumferentially to an u ...

Dulle Bernard Allen: Textile tampon having a resilient foam core. The Procter & Gamble Company, Lackenbach Elliot A, Witte Richard C, Gorman John V, September 10, 1974: US3834389 (51 worldwide citation)

A textile tampon having a compressible resilient spongiform core within the textile mass to cause the textile mass to expand laterally in the vagina so that the tampon conforms to the cross section of the vagina, thereby forming an intimate contact between the textile mass and the vaginal walls.

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A medicated catamenial tampon, comprising a resilient foam corpus and a medicament-bearing hydrophobic non-woven overwrap which is permeable to catamenial fluids, adapted for non-menstrual as well as menstrual delivery of medicant to control and treat vaginal area disorders.

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Aqueous amylolytic enzyme-containing compositions comprising water, amylolytic enzyme, a water-soluble calcium salt, an organic co-stabilizing agent selected from aliphatic glycols and 1,3-propanediol and, optionally, a nonionic or zwitterionic detergent are disclosed. The compositions, useful as st ...

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Detergent-compatible fabric softening and anti-static compositions containing particular smectite clay materials, cationic anti-static agents and certain substituted amino compatibilizing agents are described. The compositions permit the simultaneous attainment of fabric softening, static-reduction ...