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Detergent compositions are disclosed incorporating combinations of specified ethoxylated zwitterionic compounds with other types of surfactants and with detergent builders to give enhanced particulate soil removal.

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Process for producing a spray-dried sulfated alkyl ethoxylate-containing detergent composition. A water-soluble salt of an organic compound having from 1 to 6 carbon atoms substituted with a sulfate or sulfonate group and at least one carboxyl group is added to an aqueous slurry containing the deter ...

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A method of producing an automatic dishwasher detergent composition comprising the steps of charging a particulate alkaline builder salt to a mixture zone, agitating the particulate matter and spraying thereon a mixture of liquid silicate and nonionic detergent. The resultant composition is in the f ...

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A bladder (10) for use in a sportsball such as a soccer ball or volleyball has good air retention and excellent durability. It is molded to substantially conform to a shape consistent with the shape of the sportsball. The bladder comprises a hollow inner core (11) for holding pressurized air and hav ...

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A multi-layer sheet has individual posting sheetlets in a side-by-side relationship. The multi-layer sheet comprises a base release sheet, the posting sheetlets in a flat sheet form, and a removable cover sheet. The posting sheetlets are loosely held together in a manner whereby an individual postin ...

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A multi-layer sheet (10) has individual staggered edge posting sheetlets (11)in a side-by-side relationship. The multi-layer sheet(10) comprises a base release sheet (14) the posting sheetlets (11) in a flat sheet form, and a removable cover sheet (15). The posting sheetlets (11) are loosely held to ...

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An application method for luster pigments based on inorganic platelet-like particles with at least one metal oxide surface coating comprises initially applying the pigments to a vitreous surface such as a vitreous enamel on a metal substrate, a vitreous glaze on a ceramic substrate, glass, or an ove ...

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A method of making a jacketed storage tank (10) comprises applying a gas pervious separating agent (19) over the storage tank (10), applying a layer of fibrous reinforcing material on the separating agent (19), and thereafter applying a resinous jacket (17). The resultant jacket (17), covering at le ...

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A precordial overlay (11) having electrode assemblies (24) are used to obtain a quick and accurate positioning of electrodes for an electrocardiographic test. The precordial overlay (11) has a set of slots (15-20) in which the electrode assemblies (24) are slidably mounted. Each electrode assembly ( ...