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A process for the pyrolysis of carbonaceous materials at an elevated temperature or an elevated temperature and an elevated pressure in which a fuel is burned in the presence of a combustion supporting material, in an amount sufficient to supply at least the stoichiometric amount of oxygen for combu ...

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In one embodiment of this invention a surface silicated alumina composition, as opposed to conventional silica alumina, is provided. Such composition may also be fluorided and/or phosphated or phosphited. The resulting compositions are broadly useful but are of particular applicability as supports f ...

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An apparatus and process are provided for continuously consolidating and shaping a plurality of continuous prepreg structures into a unitary formed product structure. Each prepreg structure comprises a solidified thermoplastic resin matrix containing long reinforcing fibers. In operation, the respec ...

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A solid composition of matter is disclosed consisting essentially of sodium, potassium, a Group IA metal or a Group IA metal and a Group IIA metal, titanium, oxygen and, optionally, at least one of a halogen and tin, in which at least one of the sodium, the potassium, the Group IA metal or the Group ...

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Water-soluble polymers comprising an N-vinyl lactam are found to be useful in processes wherein the polymer is introduced into a subterranean wellbore.

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Hydrogen sulfide is removed from a fluid stream containing hydrogen sulfide by contacting the fluid stream under suitable absorbing conditions with an absorbing composition comprising zinc titanate and alumina promoted with at least one metal selected from tungsten and molybdenum and at least one me ...

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In accordance with one embodiment of this invention, a bis-(cyclopentadienyl)chromium(II) compound is introduced onto an activated phosphate-containing support and utilized in conjunction with an organometal cocatalyst, such as an alkylaluminum. In accordance with another embodiment of this inventio ...

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The catalyst system is produced by first forming a chromium catalyst on a predominantly silica support, activating in an oxygen-containing ambient and thereafter subjecting the thus activated composition to carbon monoxide reduction. The resulting reduced supported chromium catalyst composition is t ...

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Processes for preparing fiber reinforced thermoplastic articles are provided, for example, thermoplastic fibers and reinforcement fibers can be intermingled to produce a composite yarn, which is used to weave a fabric. then the fabric heated to produce a reinforced article. As another example, therm ...

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The molecular weight of linear and non-linear poly(arylene sulfide) PAS is increased by reprecipitation. The reprecipitation is accomplished by heating PAS to its dispersion temperature in a mixture of polar organic solvent, water, and alkali metal carboxylate until the PAS is dispersed in the mixtu ...