Cvetko Henry J, Williams Michael: Tone arm and phonograph pickup assemblies. The Astatic Corporation, Williams Michael, September 30, 1975: US3909009 (49 worldwide citation)

Our invention provides a simple, yet very effective connection between a phonograph pickup cartridge and a phonograph tone arm. Both cartridge and tonearm may be generally of standard construction except that one has a projection and the other has a socket for receiving the projection, whereby when ...

Ewing Charles C: Medication dispenser and schedule reminder. Williams Michael, October 14, 1975: US3911856 (39 worldwide citation)

My invention relates to a device for containing medication and for indicating the time when such medication should be taken. The device comprises a base having a plurality of compartments arranged in a circle, and a cover rotatably carried by the base and overlying the compartments.A circular wall d ...

Drugmand Lester D: Method of making electric heating elements. Emerson Electric Co, Williams Michael, May 28, 1974: US3812580 (25 worldwide citation)

An electric heating element, formed by winding a resistor wire about a refractory core, disposing terminal portions of said wound wire within respective ones of a pair of openings extending longitudinally through the core, inserting flexible terminal conductors into respective core openings to elect ...

Chorey Andro J: Batting tee apparatus. Williams Michael, May 13, 1975: US3883138 (23 worldwide citation)

Improved batting tee apparatus useful in teaching the fundamentals of hitting a baseball properly. The tee includes a base that is supported on a member which simulates, or is 'home plate.' Tubes extend upwardly from the base and are in telescoping relation for height adjustment. A rubber ball suppo ...

Cappell Charles W: Electric heater assemblies. Emerson Electric Co, Williams Michael, April 30, 1974: US3808573 (19 worldwide citation)

An electric strip heater of the so-called 'mica type' comprises a a sheet metal channel with a mica sheet disposed in the channel flatwise against the base thereof. The terminals of the heater have thin flat heads and threaded shanks. The shanks pass through aligned openings at each end of (1) a fla ...

Neff Wayne W: Trailer for motorcycles. Williams Michael, July 9, 1974: US3822798 (17 worldwide citation)

A trailer to be towed by a draft vehicle, such as an automobile. The trailer comprises a frame having wheel means depending therefrom and adapted to roll along a roadway. A container is supported on the frame and is adapted to contain camping gear, parts, tools and the like. Tracks are carried by th ...

BENNION NERYS: Sampling devices and methods of use. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, Williams Michael G, November 19, 2009: WO/2009/140356 (17 worldwide citation)

Sample-collecting devices, articles and methods of use are disclosed. Premoistened sample-collecting devices comprise 1,2-propanediol as a humectant, which promotes the retention of a liquid solution on the sample-collecting device during storage. 1,2-propanediol as humectant can be compatible with ...

Venetta Henry J: Preheating of metal scrap. Williams Michael, May 28, 1974: US3813209 (16 worldwide citation)

Metal scrap is deposited in a predetermined amount and in a generally uniform bed on the receiving end of a conveyor. The bed of scrap is moved into a tunnel furnace for preheating. A plurality of burners are supported on the top wall of the furnace, each burner mixing fuel, such as gas or oil, with ...

Leet Richard A: Tail gate lift mechanism. Williams Michael, June 3, 1975: US3887092 (15 worldwide citation)

A simplified mechanism for vertically moving the tail gate of a truck. A mechhanism is built as a unit which may be connected to and removed from the truck through simple attachment means. The unit includes a support frame comprising a pair of upright, hollow members which are secured to opposite si ...

Kozbelt Lloyd S: Electric heaters. Emerson Electric Co, Williams Michael, June 17, 1975: US3890485 (15 worldwide citation)

A sheathed electrical heater, preferably of the cartridge type, having a built-in thermocouple with its heat sensing junction at the inner end of the heater. The invention provides a construction which may be manufactured without material departure from present practice.