Chris A Vennemeyer: Bowl scraper attachment for planetary food mixer. Hobart Corporation, Russell L McIlwain, William Weigl, August 7, 1990: US04946285 (55 worldwide citation)

A food mixer of the planetary type has a detachable bowl scraper mounted on a supporting member for orbiting the beater. The mounting means comprises a bracket fastened to the main drive shaft of the mixer by means of a single bolt. The scraper includes an arm which is detachably mounted to the brac ...

Richard L Naragon, Dianne S Naragon: Portable dog ramp. William Weigl, July 31, 2001: US06267082 (44 worldwide citation)

A sturdy, portable, relatively light weight ramp is provided for assisting an animal in inclined walking between two different levels. The ramp comprises two relatively narrow alignable ramp sections which are centrally hinged and designed to cause their edges adjacent the hinging to firmly abut and ...

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This invention relates to a deep fat fryer of the external heat exchanger, pumped-recirculation type, and more specifically, discloses a control system for automatically heating and recirculating the fat either continuously or intermittently as needed to accommodate one or both of two conditions exi ...

Rodger A McCullough: Childs furniture and method of making. William Weigl, November 23, 1993: US05263766 (25 worldwide citation)

A unit of child's furniture such as a chair or sofa is constructed of intersecting panels provided with a unique interlocking joint which provides strength, rigidity and long life to such furniture. In one form, each panel is made of a pair of triple wall corrugated cardboard sheets which are indivi ...

Donald E Fritzsche: Deep fat frying method. Hobart Corporation, William Weigl, November 3, 1987: US04704290 (25 worldwide citation)

A recirculating-type deep fat fryer has a generally rectangular tank, a heat exchanger externally of the tank and a pump and tubing for recirculating fat from an inlet at the tank bottom, through the heat exchanger and to an outlet which is just below the upper level of fat and essentially midway be ...

Donald E Fritzsche: Cleaning and drying apparatus and method for the recirculation system of a high efficiency deep fat fryer. Hobart Corporation, William Weigl, August 4, 1987: US04684412 (22 worldwide citation)

A fat recirculating system with an external, gas-heated heat exchanger for a deep fat fryer is disclosed. The use of such a system necessitates recirculation also of cleaning solution and rinse water through inaccessible plumbing of the recirculation system whenever fat is to be replaced. To remove ...

Wilbur F McClure: Environmentally-protective combination burial/shipping/cremation case. William Weigl, January 23, 1996: US05485661 (22 worldwide citation)

An environmentally-protective body container comprises a burnable double-walled utility case which can be used either as a shipping container and/or as a casket for burial or for cremation. The case is blow-molded from an organic thermoplastic which does not create explosive gases during burning and ...

George Eric Laughlin: Workglove rake. William Weigl, July 8, 1997: US05644796 (19 worldwide citation)

A pair of workgloves are provided with rake tines at the ends of the fingers. The tines extend outwardly from the palm side of the gloves so as to enable the gloves to be used in a raking fashion to clean debris such as leaves from rake-inaccessible places which can be reached by hand.

Robert W Barnette: Golf club swing baffle and method of attaching to shaft. William Weigl, May 29, 2001: US06238299 (18 worldwide citation)

A one-piece plastic molded baffle has a plurality of vanes extending lengthwise of a shaft to which it is to be attached. A central hub has a lengthwise opening therethrough and a slot communicating the opening to the exterior of the hub between two adjacent vanes. A pair of baffles diametrically op ...

Daniel W Slanker: Welding tip dresser. Stillwater Technologies, William Weigl, October 30, 1990: US04966506 (17 worldwide citation)

Dressing device for the welding tips of a spot-welding machine consists of a single tool carried crosswise of a cylindrical opening in a tool holder. The tool holder has opposed slots supporting the tool, with one edge of the slots and therefore one side of the tool at the crosswise centerline of th ...