Edward Petrossian, Ashkhen A Petrossian: Enhanced viewing at side and rear of motor vehicles. William W Haefliger, June 25, 1991: US05027200 (373 worldwide citation)

Apparatus permits viewing of traffic or other conditions to the rear and side of a motor vehicle having opposite sides, and includes video camera structure mounted to the vehicle and directed sidewardly relative to the vehicle, and CRT structure operatively connected to the camera structure to displ ...

Edward Petrossian, Ashkhen A Petrossian: Side and rear viewing apparatus for motor vehicles. William W Haefliger, March 20, 1990: US04910591 (295 worldwide citation)

Apparatus permitting viewing of traffic conditions to the rear and side of a motor vehicle, which has opposite sides, comprises:

Glenn H Schmidt, John P Sheehan, Richard C Helmstetter: Hollow, metallic golf club head with dendritic structure. Callaway Golf Company, William W Haefliger, November 26, 1991: US05067715 (189 worldwide citation)

A metal wood golf club head has an elongated, forwardly facing front wall to strike a golf ball, and a hollow body rearwardly of the face plate, the front wall elongated in a first transverse direction toward connection to a club shaft, the body having a thin, metallic top wall merging with upper tr ...

Glenn H Schmidt: Method of sustaining metallic golf club head sole plate profile by confined brazing or welding. William W Haefliger, August 14, 1984: US04465221 (185 worldwide citation)

A method of attaching a sole plate to a hollow metal golf club head by providing a dam integral with the head whereby a metallic melt is sustained around the periphery of the sole plate. The dam is later removed so that the sole plate and golf club head are the same height.

Glenn H Schmidt: Reinforced hollow metal golf club head. William W Haefliger, April 16, 1985: US04511145 (182 worldwide citation)

A hollow metal shell golf club head, has a ball striking front wall, a top wall, a bottom wall and longitudinally spaced toe and heel walls. The head is characterized by:

Sonnie J Perkins: Golf club heads with adjustable weighting. William W Haefliger, August 26, 1986: US04607846 (181 worldwide citation)

An improved weighting system is provided in combination with a golf club head having a front face adapted to strike a golf ball, a bottom surface, a top surface, an aft surface, a toe, a heel and a hosel, the system comprising

Donald J C Sun: Multiple concentric section golf ball. William W Haefliger, December 28, 1993: US05273286 (181 worldwide citation)

A multi-section golf ball comprising first, second, third, and fourth ball sections each having a spherical outer surface, and all sections having a common center; the first section being an inner core closest to the center and consisting of substantially incompressible material; the second section ...

John M Savage Jr: Polygonal lens. William W Haefliger, July 12, 1977: US04035681 (174 worldwide citation)

A lens cap, for use with a light emitting diode, comprises:

Ronald G Minet, Theodore T Tsotsis: Catalytic ceramic membrane steam-hydrocarbon reformer. Medalert, William W Haefliger, July 20, 1993: US05229102 (171 worldwide citation)

A diffusion process from steam reforming of a hydrocarbon to produce H.sub.2, Co and CO.sub.2, that includes: providing a generally tubular, porous, ceramic membrane, and providing a heated reaction zone in a container into which the membrane is received; the membrane carrying a catalytically active ...

Jack E Jenkins, William R Maillet: Test fixture wiring integrity verification device. ATG Electronics, William Maillet, William W Haefliger, March 30, 1993: US05198756 (168 worldwide citation)

A wiring test system in which test probes are to be oriented to engage contact points on a production circuit board, a wiring integrity verification plate comprising, in combination: a thin insulative base plate, multiple contact pads and leads attached to the plate; each of the leads extending betw ...