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A data processing system having an architecture for protecting selected system files. The data processing unit includes a secure processing unit operating in a manner independent of the operation of the remainder of the data processing unit for storing and comparing system file attributes and user e ...

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Method and means are disclosed for rapidly tuning a laser over a large number of wavelengths. The means of the present invention includes first and second reflecting means which define the optical resonating cavity of a laser, and further includes a dispersive means adapted to sequentially select an ...

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Disclosed is an interface for testing an integrated circuit device through a plurality of contacts on an exposed surface of the device. The interface comprises a flexible sheeting having first and second opposing surfaces. A plurality of contacts are disposed on the first surface of the sheet in a p ...

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A digital memory based on a memory cell having two magnetoresistive ferromagnetic film portions separated by an intermediate layer all of which are gradually narrowed at the ends thereof.

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Information on the shape of an object is extracted by generating an image of the object, encoding and ordering the boundary points of the image, selecting points on the outermost portions of the boundary, partitioning the boundary at the selected points into segments of either a first or second kind ...

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A semiconductor capacitance transducer includes adjoining integrated sensor and reference capacitance transducers formed from silicon wafers. The transducers are parallel plate transducers which are structurally the same except that one plate of the sensor transducer is a thin force sensing diaphrag ...

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A pressure compensated, fiber optic coupler for use underwater includes a water impermeable housing have first and second apertures to receive the respective optical fibers. One fiber is permanently held by the seal to the first aperture. The other fiber is inserted through the second aperture which ...

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A memory cell having a plurality of storage structures in a differential arrangement. Two multilayered magnetoresistive memory cells are placed in a bridge arrangement with two impedance devices. The memory cells have one bridge juncture in common. Switches are connected to at least two of the four ...

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An optical filter comprising a first substance which is substantially transparent to light within a selected first frequency range and having a first index of refraction; and a second substance which has at least one resonance frequency within said first frequency range and having a second index of ...

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Disclosed is a pressure transducer comprising a pressure sensitive silicon die having a front side exposing piezoresistive means and a back side for receiving pressure from a pressure medium. The transducer further comprises a pressure vessel having an aperture and apparatus including a hermetic sea ...