Scott E Lilienthal: Electronic book player with audio synchronization. William S Ramsey, August 23, 2005: US06933928 (161 worldwide citation)

This paperless book is portable and uses removable ROM devices to provide the visual and aural information displayed in the paperless book. The book can be read in a visual mode, as print, or in an aural mode, as the spoken word corresponding to the print, or in both visual and aural modes. The disp ...

Geoffrey J Griffith: System and method to maintain performance among N single raid systems during non-fault conditions while sharing multiple storage devices during conditions of a faulty host computer or faulty storage array controller. Digi Data Corporation, William S Ramsey, December 11, 2001: US06330687 (104 worldwide citation)

In order to provide redundancy of host computers and storage array controllers, and thereby protect operation of a RAID system against host computer or storage array controller failure, two single RAID subsystems are conventionally provided in a conventional active-active configuration. This means e ...

William C Smith: Spray gun extension. William S Ramsey, December 21, 1993: US05271564 (100 worldwide citation)

An spray gun extension used in the application of liquids such as paints and other coatings, cleaning solutions, solvents, blasting agents, solvents, sealants, lubricants and pesticides in high volume low pressure spraying. The extension allow the application of such liquids to areas above, below, a ...

Louis L Wood, Gary J Calton: Cryogel bandage containing therapeutic agent. SRCHEM Incorporated, William S Ramsey, November 9, 1993: US05260066 (77 worldwide citation)

A controlled-release bandage containing therapeutic agents in a poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogel is disclosed. The bandage may include particulate absorbants such as ion exchange resins and hydrophobic particles to further insure controlled and constant release of therapeutic agents. The bandage may also ...

Louis L Wood, Gary J Calton: Cryogel oral pharmaceutical composition containing therapeutic agent. SRCHEM Incorporated, William S Ramsey, February 22, 1994: US05288503 (77 worldwide citation)

An oral pharmaceutical composition comprising a hydrophobic resin or ion exchange resin which has a therapeutic agent bound thereto forming an agent-resin complex is disclosed. The complex is coated with a water-permeable diffusion barrier of poly(vinyl alcohol) polymer cryogel.

Tomlinson G Rauscher: Raid system with multiple controllers and proof against any single point of failure. Digi Data Corporation, William S Ramsey, March 29, 2005: US06874100 (50 worldwide citation)

A RAID system which functions despite any single point of failure is disclosed. The system has two or more controllers, a multiplicity of direct access storage devices arranged in racks, redundant connectors throughout, and an independent backplane, cables, power supply, and cooling system for each ...

Geoffrey J Griffith, Tomlinson G Rauscher: RAID systems during non-fault and faulty conditions on a fiber channel arbitrated loop, SCSI bus or switch fabric configuration. Digi Data Corporation, William S Ramsey, June 4, 2002: US06401170 (45 worldwide citation)

The RAID system disclosed here uses arbitrated fiber channels or switch fabric to connect multiple host computers and storage array controllers (SAC). Each SAC is designated a primary SAC for an array of storage units, which it normally serves as controller, and as a secondary SAC for another array ...

William C Smith: Removable spray gun fluid flow assembly. William S Ramsey, March 11, 1997: US05609302 (42 worldwide citation)

Frequent cleaning, maintenance, and or replacement of spray guns is necessary for good performance, but cleaning is often neglected because of difficulty in reaching the crucial parts to be cleaned. The spray gun of this invention has a fluid flow assembly which may be readily removed to facilitate ...

Louis L Wood: Preparation of salt of polyaspartic acid by high temperature reaction. Srchem Incorporated, William S Ramsey, February 22, 1994: US05288783 (42 worldwide citation)

Polyaspartate, useful or inhibition of incrustations due to materials causing hardness in water and of value in detergent formulations, can be prepared by reacting maleic acid or fumaric acid in a molar ratio of 1:1-2.1 at temperatures greater than 170.degree. C., followed by conversion of the polym ...

Douglas A Black, Robert A Rowland: Electronic insecticidal cable. William S Ramsey, November 5, 1996: US05570537 (41 worldwide citation)

This insecticidal cable has a pair or pairs of exposed electrical conductive wire for use in a fly control apparatus. An electronic control unit provides pulsed high voltage between the parallel exposed conductive wires. Insects which contact either one or both of the pair of conductive wires are ki ...