Lanny L Potts: Stair climbing exercise apparatus. William S Dorman, November 24, 1987: US04708338 (126 worldwide citation)

An exercise apparatus that simulates stair-climbing for a user. The apparatus includes a frame having a base, and a plate on the frame perpendicular to the base. A right pedal and a left pedal are on opposite sides of the plate. A drive system assembly on the plate has a right pedal sprocket, a left ...

Lanny L Potts: Treadmill exerciser. Tri Tech, William S Dorman, August 18, 1987: US04687195 (108 worldwide citation)

A treadmill exerciser involving an upwardly and rearwardly sloping treadmill having a plurality of steps which are activated by the weight of a person "walking" up them. The tread portion and the riser portion of each step are connected at both ends by hinges to each other and to endless chains whic ...

Jamie S Leach: Safety harness for infants and toddlers. William S Dorman, July 5, 1994: US05325818 (62 worldwide citation)

A restraining device or harness for use with a child such as an infant or toddler. In one mode, the harness can be used to restrain the child when the child is ambulatory; in a second mode, the harness can be used as a safety belt for use in grocery carts, high chairs or certain other types of chair ...

Jamie S Leach: Body pillow with horseshoe-shaped top and J-shaped bottom. William S Dorman, December 31, 2002: US06499164 (60 worldwide citation)

A body pillow having an upper end which is essentially in the shape of a horseshoe and a lower end which is essentially in the shape of a J, a straight portion connecting the horseshoe-shaped top with the J-shaped bottom, the cross-sectional diameter of the body pillow being between 7 and 12 inches.

Jamie S Leach: Symmetrically contoured support pillow. William S Dorman, July 13, 2004: US06760934 (54 worldwide citation)

A symmetrical contoured support pillow formed essentially in an inverted U-shape, comprising essentially a semi-circular crown designed to support the head of a woman and a pair of spaced symmetrical legs extending downwardly and outwardly divergently away from the crown, the legs having lower ends ...

Joseph J Wonigar: Stowable step for vehicles. William S Dorman, May 11, 1976: US03955827 (53 worldwide citation)

A stowable step for use with a vehicle of the type having a body with a door opening therein and a frame beneath and inward from the door opening, a plate hinged to the frame and receiving a stowable tread thereupon, the tread being displacable laterally from the frame below the door opening. Slotte ...

Jamie S Leach: Contoured body pillow. William S Dorman, June 22, 2004: US06751817 (51 worldwide citation)

A contoured body pillow adapted to permit unlimited positioning options to facilitate relief from persistent back and neck pain, respiratory and digestive disorders, and to provide a sensation of closeness, comfort and security by conforming to the body of a user, thereby permitting the user to slee ...

Edward L Gibbs: Rolled metal fence rail. William S Dorman, August 22, 1995: US05443244 (50 worldwide citation)

A rolled metal fence rail is incorporated into a picket fence which employs two or more such rails, each rail being formed by a single metal sheet which has been rolled to enclose an upside down and generally U-shaped channel or space, the space being formed by a plurality of interconnecting walls c ...

Jamie S Leach: Infant support pillow with body wrap. William S Dorman, April 29, 2003: US06553590 (48 worldwide citation)

An infant support pillow having an outer concentric curved periphery and an inner curved boundary, the inner curved boundary being provided with a fabric body wrap comprising a T-shaped member having a fabric leg extending longitudinally therefrom and having transversely extending straps attached at ...

Jamie S Leach: Double pillowcase with attached anchor pad. William S Dorman, August 5, 2003: US06601252 (46 worldwide citation)

A double pillowcase assembly comprising a pair of fabric envelopes connected together along a central seam line, the envelopes being capable of holding pillows therein and an anchor pad extending outwardly from the double pillowcase and being connected thereto along the central seam line.