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A high speed differential attenuator is formed on low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate structure having first and second parallel resistor-capacitor divider networks with each divider network having first and second parallel resistors and capacitors. The substrate has first and second dielectr ...

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A probe adapter for coupling probe tip contacts of a electrical measurement probe to leads of a surface mounted integrated circuit IC device has an insulating housing from which extend first and second flexible electrically conductive leads having a pitch geometry compatible with the leads of the IC ...

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An adapter for coupling electrical signal to and from an integrated circuit device mounted on a circuit board has a frame composed of individual side sections with each side section having ribs formed therein for providing detented cantilever engagement of the side sections to the sides of the IC de ...

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A low distortion optic fiber network having a feedback system which injects pilot tones into a base band input signal directly modulating an LED, optically detects the output resulting from the pilot tones, digitally samples the detected signal, and generates correction coefficients. The correction ...


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An electronic interconnect assembly has a high speed coaxial interconnect for a coaxial transmission line having a central signal conductor and a surrounding shield conductor. The coaxial interconnect has a male side and a female side, with the female side including a shield sleeve having a chamber ...

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A measurement probe has housing in which are disposed a spring loaded coaxial probe assembly and a pressure sensor. The probe assembly is formed from a semi-rigid coaxial cable having a probing tip formed at one end and a coaxial connector at the other end. The pressure sensor has first electrically ...

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A clock recovery system includes a source of a data signal having transitions, an injection-locked oscillator having a free-running frequency and generating a clock signal, and a free-running frequency adjustment circuit. The free running frequency adjustment circuit includes a transition density de ...

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A method and apparatus adapted to calibrate a signal path of a signal analysis system such that loading effects of the system are substantially removed from measurements of a device under test. A signal under test from the device under test is coupled to a test probe in the signal path and used with ...

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An optical time domain testing instrument comprises a laser light source that is optically coupled to an optical fiber under test. The instrument further comprises a photodetector for receiving light from the fiber, and an optical amplifier optically coupled between the fiber and the photodetector.