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A flexible fiberoptic endoscope has an insertion member with a distal end portion split longitudinally into a plurality of independently operable working segments each provided with at least one longitudinally extending working channel. Visualization optics are provided in the working segments or a ...

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A surgical instrument assembly for the treatment of hemorrhoids includes an anoscope and a hemorrhoid occlusion device. The anoscope includes a hollow body closed at a distal end and at least partially open at a proximal end to define a longitudinal channel. The hollow body has a sidewall provided w ...

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A portable computing device is equipped with multiple display panels. The display panels and hinged, jointed or otherwise disposed to rotate or slide with respect to one another in a transition from a compact configuration to an expanded configuration. In a basic embodiment three output screens take ...

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In a method for improving cardiac function, a compressive device is inserted into an intrapericardial space about a lower end portion of a heart. Thereafter the compressive device is operated to compress and close off lower portions of both ventricles of the heart.

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An ultrasonic medical treatment device has a casing, an elongate probe, a transducer assembly, a sheath and at least one electrode member. The probe is mounted to and extends from the casing and has an axis and a free end serving as an operative tip. The transducer assembly is mounted to the casing ...

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An apparatus and a concomitant method for promoting hygienic practices is disclosed. The apparatus is a monitoring unit for monitoring the completion of a desired action, e.g., handwashing, by a user. Upon completion of the desired action, the monitoring unit transmits a satisfactory signal to the u ...

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A printing apparatus has a desk-top printer housing having a paper input port, a paper output port and a data input port. A digital processor is disposed in the housing and is operatively connected to the data input port. The processor is programmed to detect odd pages and even pages in an electroni ...

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A printing assembly comprises a first printer for printing documents encoded in computer generated signals and a second printer for printing documents encoded in computer generated signals, the documents including alphanumeric characters, charts and graphics. The printers are disposed one above the ...

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A cardiac insert or implant is deployed in a patient's heart so as to reduce ventricular volume, thereby improving cardiac function. The insert or implant may be a compressive device such as a tensile member inserted into the patient's heart, and thereafter operated or deployed to bring op ...