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There is disclosed herein a machine for performing nucleic acid amplification under computer control. The machine utilizes any one of a number of heating and cooling systems under control of a host computer which directs the heating and cooling systems to heat and cool a reaction-chamber-containing ...

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Amplification and/or expression of nucleic acids is carried out in a medium immobilized by using an organic and/or inorganic solid matrix penetrating the medium and having a porous, fibrous, reticulated, coiled, capillary, lamellar or folded texture and which includes the components of a cell-free e ...

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Novel expression vectors are provided for expressing a fusion glycoprotein. The fusion glycoprotein contains the N-terminal globular domain of a retroviral env surface protein linked to a selected glycopeptide. Truncation glycoproteins as well as insertion glycoproteins are expressed using the vecto ...

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Mutant ribozymes are screened by culturing cells whose survival is dependant upon cleavage of RNA by a ribozyme, which cleavage causes the cells to survive in the presence of an agent which otherwise would kill the cells, and selecting cells which survive.

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Batch and continuous-flow cell-free methods for synthesizing protein wherein translation is coupled with replication of recombinant mRNA by an RNA-directed RNA polyerase, such as Q.beta. replicase. Transcription of a DNA template to produce the recombinant mRNA can be coupled additionally with coupl ...

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The present invention relates to a process for the determination of a component of the reaction between a specific binding protein and the substance being specifically bound by such a protein comprising reacting the component to be determined with its binding partner in an insolubilized form, separa ...

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The invention provides gel-coated materials that provide enhanced flame-, physical- and chemical-resistance to the foamed materials. The gel coatings can be created with a sol-gel process. Such treated materials can be used, for example, in the manufacture of articles of clothing that are to be used ...

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Vacuum packaging methods and materials are claimed. The materials are fusible and can form a part of a heat seal closure for non-rigid and semi-rigid packages. The methods are suitable for packages containing materials generally, and are well suited for those containing granular materials.

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A self-contained device for heating/dispensing or cooling/dispensing material is described. The device includes at least one heat-or cold-generating element and at least one container for containing material to be heated or cooled. The device can further be equipped with gussets or similar features ...

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The present invention provides compositions and methods for correcting cosmetic, aesthetic, and degenerative defects in the skin, soft tissue, and bone of a subject. In particular, methods of the invention involve the injection or implantation of autologous UMC, fibroblasts, and/or keratinocytes int ...