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A method is provided for determining the sequence of nucleotides on a single strand DNA molecule. The single strand DNA molecule is attached to a leader oligonucleotide and its complementary strand to a solid state support. Fluorescently-labeled 3'-blocked nucleotide triphosphates, with each of the ...

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Minimally invasive methods for measuring an analyte, such as glucose, contained in tile interstitial fluid of a body are provided. The methods include the steps of.

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An automatic chemistry analyzer is provided having a high throughput and a high reliability. The analyzer uses nephelometric and turbimetric analyzers to analyze a wide variety of parameters within liquid samples typically generated in, for example, a large medical testing laboratory. The machine em ...

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An assay device for detection and/or determination of an analyte in a test sample uses a barrier containing an aperture to control the application of reagents to the device for greater reproducibility of results. In its simplest form, the device comprises: (1) a chromatographic medium having a first ...