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Product yield and quality is increased during in situ retorting of oil shale by pulsed combustion in which the flow of feed gas to the flame front is intermittently stopped while continuously retorting the oil shale. In the process, a water purge is injected into the retort between pulses of feed ga ...

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Disclosed are a method and apparatus for the in situ retorting of oil shale and purification products comprising establishing an underground in situ retort containing a mass of rubblized matter comprising oil shale and establishing a flame front within the rubblized matter. Oxygen containing gas com ...

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A process is provided for determining retorting conditions in an in situ oil shale retort. In the process, the thickness of the hot shale zone is determined by monitoring the off gases in response to changing the feed conditions, such as the temperature or flow rate, of the feed gas. The location an ...

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A method for stabilizing oil is provided. An oil fraction having hydrocarbons with an initial boiling point of about 200.degree. F. to about 1050.degree. F. is hydrotreated to reduce the nitrogen content of the oil fraction to be stabilized. Subsequently, condensed aromatic compounds are selectively ...

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An in situ process and ignition procedure are provided to retort oil shale which increases product yield and enhances uniformity of the flame front in an underground retort. In the process, a portion of the rubblized mass of oil shale is preheated with steam, nitrogen or some other inert gas, to at ...

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Phthalic anhydride of commercially acceptable quality is recovered in high (94-96%) yields from a mixture containing, on a weight basis, from 70 to 90% o-phthalic acid, 1.5 to 20% water, 0.3 up to 13% benzoic acid, 0.2 up to 2% o-toluic acid, 0.2 to 1% 2-carboxybenzaldehyde, 0.1 up to 2% phthalide a ...

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A solar panel for use in a roof mounted array of solar panels, each panel having ridges protruding outwardly and adjacent to the side edges for receiving a standing seam cap between side-adjacent panels. Each solar panel is formed as an integral structure having a photovoltaic module an edge of whic ...

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Expanded layer, smectite clay having a regular pore structure suitable for catalytic uses and a process for preparing said expanded clay by treating a suspension of commercial smectite clay with a chromium-oligomer solution and subjecting the treated clay to a stabilization heat treatment in an iner ...

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Reaction products obtained from the Mannich condensation of high molecular weight alkyl-substituted hydroxy aromatic compounds, amines and aldehydes provide improved detergency in liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Optionally, a non-volatile hydrocarbon carrier fluid may be included.

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A multi-layer composite of nonwoven fabrics comprising at least one layer of a self-bonded, fibrous, web nonwoven bonded to at least one layer of a microfibrous, nonwoven web having water repellency and water vapor permeability properties particularly suitable for protective apparel applications.