Adrian E Popa: Millimeter wave transmission line using thallium bromo-iodide fiber. Hughes Aircraft Company, Kenneth W Float, William H MacAllister, Paul M Coble, October 6, 1981: US04293833 (174 worldwide citation)

Millimeter wave transmission lines are disclosed for propagating electromagnetic waves of a wavelength ranging from about 10 mm to about 0.4 mm. The transmission lines comprise a fiber of co-crystallized thallium bromo-iodide consisting of from about 40 mole percent to about 46 mole percent thallium ...

Sanford S Shapiro: Adjustable sliding electrical contact for waveguide post and coaxial line termination. Hughes Aircraft Company, Allen A Dicke Jr, William H MacAllister, July 27, 1976: US03972013 (112 worldwide citation)

A waveguide post slides through a resilient barrel which is adjustably clamped against the waveguide post to control its slidability and provide reliable electric contact. As a sliding short for a coaxial transmisson line termination, a shorting bar incorporating two resilient barrels engages both t ...

R Frank Bell: Dual mode amplifier. Hewlett Packard Company, F David LaRiviere, William H MacAllister, Leslie G Murray, May 1, 1984: US04446440 (108 worldwide citation)

An apparatus amplifies a signal in two different modes. The apparatus amplifies the signal in a linear mode when the voltage of the signal is much less than the voltage of the power source, and in a switching mode when the signal is at other voltages.

Charles A Finnila: Cooperative-word linear array parallel processor. Hughes Aircraft Company, John M May, Rafael A Cardenas, William H MacAllister, July 20, 1976: US03970993 (92 worldwide citation)

A "cooperative-word" linear array parallel processor comprises many logically identical memory words or micro-processors ordered in a linear array by a Chaining channel. Inasmuch as the Chaining channel can contain different information (either data to be processed or control information) at each wo ...

Hugh L Garvin, Douglas A Pinnow: High selectivity thin film polarizer. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert M Wallace, William H MacAllister, September 15, 1981: US04289381 (75 worldwide citation)

A thin film polarizer for dividing electromagnetic energy into two mutually orthogonal components with a high degree of selectivity. A plurality of wire grids having an interelement spacing of less than one wavelength is supported by a substrate of electrically insulative material. The substrate is ...

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A passivation layer in a thermal ink jet printhead is formed or "grown" by a reaction between the materials of the ink jet structure to be protected and an element which will form a chemically inert, electrically insulating, thermally conductive compound. The resistor structure may be of tantalum or ...

Friedrich Scheu: Thermal ink jet printhead. Hewlett Packard Company, William H MacAllister, F David LaRiviere, April 23, 1985: US04513298 (70 worldwide citation)

A protective passivation structure is provided for a thermal ink jet printing head which employs a resistive heating element formed of phosphorus-diffused silicon. The passivation structure includes a layer of silicon nitride over the heating element with a layer of silicon carbide over the silicon ...

Gregory L Tangonan: Graded index waveguide structure and process for forming same. Hughes Aircraft Company, Mary E Lachman, William H MacAllister, Anthony W Karambelas, March 1, 1983: US04375312 (61 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a process for forming a graded index waveguide structure by first providing a substrate of a first selected optical material having a chosen index of refraction. Next, a patterned layer of a second optical material is formed on one surface of the substrate or, optionally, ...

Bret K Taylor: Nozzle cleaning, priming and capping apparatus for thermal ink jet printers. Hewlett Packard Company, Leslie G Murray, William J Bethurum, William H MacAllister, January 28, 1986: US04567494 (49 worldwide citation)

Cleaning and priming of ink-ejecting nozzles is achieved by engaging the nozzles with an elastomeric suction cup as the printhead moves to the beginning or ending of a print line. The suction cup contains an inner cup of foam which wipes off any residual ink droplets. The cup assembly is connected t ...

Thomas A Nussmeier: Imaging system having multiple image copying and hierarchical busing. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert M Wallace, William J Bethurum, William H MacAllister, December 7, 1982: US04363104 (41 worldwide citation)

A very high speed video imaging system wherein the video image from each video frame of M.sub.1 columns and M.sub.2 rows of video pixels is multiplexed serially by row, each image pixel corresponding to an address in said video frame; image enhancement processing is performed in real time, using r p ...