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The invention relates to a thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising a branched olefin copolymer derived from olefinically unsaturated monomers capable of insertion polymerization having A) a T.sub.g as measured by DSC less than or equal to 10.degree. C.; B) T.sub.m greater than 80.degree. C.; ...

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The invention is a polyethylene composition having a polydispersity index of less than or equal to 3, an average branching index (g') as measured by GPC/Vis.gtoreq.0.9, and a melt strength (MS) (centiNewton, 190.degree. C.) that satisfies the relationship: ##EQU1## In a preferred embodiment these po ...

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Improved thermoplastic polymer soft elastic fiber blend compositions including a crystalline isotactic polypropylene component and a crystallizable alpha-olefin and propylene copolymer component, the copolymer comprising crystallizable alpha-olefin sequences. In a preferred embodiment, improved ther ...

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An ionic catalyst system component comprising a water-stable anion having a plurality of lipophilic radicals covalently coordinated to and shielding a central, formal charge bearing metal or metalloid atom, in which the lipophilic radicals of the anion include substituted aromatic radicals useful fo ...

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Branched polypropylene compositions which have improved melt strength and good processability are provided. The branched polypropylene compositions of the present invention have a polydispersity of less than 4.0 and a melt point greater than 90° C. Further, the weight average branching index g of th ...

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A composition of matter comprising vinyl ended copolymer chains having a number average molecular weight (M

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Polyethylene blend compositions suitable for rotomolding, rotomolded articles, and processes for rotomolding articles are provided. The polyethylene compositions include a first polyethylene having a melt index of 0.4 to 3.0 g/10 min and a density of from 0.910 to 0.930 g/cm3; and a second polyethyl ...

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The present invention relates to polymeric composition of a first copolymer which includes at least one copolymer having at least one of Mw/Mn less than 2 and Mz/Mw less than 1.8; and a second copolymer having Mw/Mn greater than or equal to 2. The composition can be produced by preparing the first a ...

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The invention is a polymerization process for ethylene copolymers having a density less than 0.915 comprising contacting ethylene, one or more &agr;-olefin monomer, and optionally one or more diene monomer, with a catalyst composition comprising the reaction product of at least one organometallic Gr ...

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The invention comprises an olefin polymerization process comprising contacting ethylene alone or with one or more olefinically unsaturated comonomers with a Group 3-6 metallocene catalyst compound comprising one &pgr;-bonded ring having a C