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A microwave dipole probe for in vivo localized hyperthermia includes an outer conductor and an inner conductor extending through and beyond the outer conductor. The portion of the inner conductor extending beyond the outer conductor is expanded in diameter relative to the portion within the outer co ...

Robert E Carter, Donald R Murphy: Aerosol dispenser. Piezo Electric Products, Joseph S Iandiorio, William E Noonan, October 27, 1987: US04702418 (121 worldwide citation)

An aerosol dispenser including a nozzle chamber for holding fluid to be dispensed and a diaphragm forming at least a portion of the chamber and having an aerosol dispensing nozzle disposed therein. The chamber includes a nozzle region proximate the nozzle and a larger reservoir region interconnected ...

Antoine A Nassar, Eugene C Eckstein: Shock absorbent prosthetic hip joint. Antoine A Nassar, William E Noonan, February 14, 1995: US05389107 (82 worldwide citation)

A shock absorbent prosthetic hip joint is provided, including a socket section that is attachable to the pelvic bone and a ball section that is pivotably engaged with the socket section. There is a first shock absorber section attached to the ball section and a second shock absorber section attached ...

Kevin Lawlor: Shock resistant shoe sole. Jerry Cohen, M Lawrence Oliverio, William E Noonan, January 22, 1985: US04494321 (81 worldwide citation)

A shock absorbent shoe sole (10) including an upper sole (14) and a bottom sole (12) attached to the bottom of the upper sole, the bottom sole including one or more inverted cups (22, and 24) disposed therein; each cup is located directly beneath and pointed convexly toward a natural contact point ( ...

Michael R Mansfield: Computer-interactive game machine with swing-action. Outer Sports, William E Noonan, October 8, 1991: US05054771 (75 worldwide citation)

In this invention, a computer-interactive swingable member with a seat thereon is suspended from a swing-support member and swingable in a vertical arc by leg-and-feet muscle power with the feet of an individual sitting on the seat engaged in stirrups positioned in front of the swingable member. The ...

John Nipper: Pressure applicator for thoracic wounds. Constance Crane Langmann, William E Noonan, March 5, 1991: US04997438 (68 worldwide citation)

A pressure applicator for thoracic wounds is disclosed. The device includes a strap for encircling a patient's thorax. The strap has a pair of opposing ends. A cup element is attachable to the strap and has a rim for engaging the paatients's thorax around the wound. The strap is selectively secured ...

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An ultrasonic wave generator includes a resonant member tapered to a thin edge, the member having a Q of about 300 or more.

John J Curley Jr: Stabilization device. William E Noonan, November 27, 1984: US04484397 (64 worldwide citation)

A stabilization device for controlling the degree of roll of a running shoe which includes at least upper and lower laminar sole elements including an upper plate superposed on and substantially conforming to the top surface of the upper sole element, a lower plate spaced from said and interposed be ...

John J Curley Jr: Carrier for portable audio devices. William E Noonan, February 19, 1985: US04500019 (62 worldwide citation)

A carrier apparatus for portable audio devices including an armband portion longitudinally wrappable about a wearer's upper arm and having an upper section which includes a first inflatable chamber, a lower section which includes a second inflatable chamber and an intermediate section interconnectin ...

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A present weather observing system including a radiation source for providing a beam of radiation in the atmosphere and a detector for detecting scattered radiation from suspended or precipitating particles within a sample volume, the detector having a field of view intersecting the beam to define t ...