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A supplemental respiratory device is shown that uses electronic components to regulate the flow of a respirable gas to a user, intermittently, on a demmand basis. The present invention, by monitoring small changes in relative airway pressure, caused by the user's inspiratory or expiratory effort, su ...

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An improved ball bat for hitting and fielding practice comprising an elongate bat having at least one depressed ball holder disposed on said bat distal the handle thereof for temporarily holding a ball for hitting.

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A new and improved transfer cart, specifically for the transfer, delivery and retail display of bottled milk or other packaged goods, has a new base and a new bottle retainer guide. The base is formed of a single elongate strip rolled in to a recurved outwardly convex section and folded and welded i ...

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A method and apparatus for washing transfer carts, the method having the steps of placing the cart on an advancement conveyor and advancing the cart into a soak station for soaking with a soak solution; advancing the cart into the wash station where a plurality of nozzle carrying wash arms are exten ...

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A fishing device including a hook mechanism, the hook mechanism including an eyelet, a shank and a barbed hook end; a housing mechanism secured to the hook mechanism, the housing including an upper inner portion, an upper outer portion, a lower portion and an 0-ring, the upper inner portion being th ...

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An obstruction sensing door reverser attachable to an existing electromechanically operated door opener having existing current carrying stop and open loops; having at least one external obstruction switch disposed in a current carrying loop communicating the presence of the obstruction to the door ...


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A blower module which is sufficiently quiet to be placed in occupied buildings and not require the construction of a separate blower building; each blower module is a cylinder having conic drip cap on its top, a positive displacement blower, typically, a rotary piston or Roots type blower, and elect ...


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A financial market transaction device is provided with a computer, including a monitor, and keyboard, the monitor includes a screen displaying a symbol for a tradable, a bid side and an offer side, the bid side including a list of bid montage rows, each bid montage row including a bid market partici ...