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A quickly releasable stowage bin 108 mountable on one or more support panels 110, 110', or 110", affixed to the interior of an aircraft 100. In the installation of a single stowage bin 108, quickly releasable mounting mechanisms 146, and 158, 160, and 168, respectively affix the upper and lower port ...

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An apparatus and method for controlling contrast for a liquid crystal display (“LCD”), especially active-matrix LCDs, while receiving large dynamic range video data to be displayed to the user by the LCD. Contrast settings of the LCD correspond to a single look-up table from a set of different and m ...

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A highly tapered wing tip extension added to the tip of an existing swept, trapezoidal airplane wing for reducing high speed drag significantly. A smaller, highly swept, extension does not require a leading edge device to protect against low speed stall. A larger, less swept, extension requires a ta ...

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A five axis compliant device for use as an industrial robot end-of-arm tooling. This device compensates for the inherent positioning and repeatability inaccuracies found in a robot and therefore allows the robot to be applied to work requiring high accuracies such as screw and nut insertion, close t ...

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Apparatus for deploying one or more submissiles (15) from a carrier missile (25) whereby each submissile (15) is deployed into a flight path which is initially parallel to a streamline (20) of the fluid flow contiguous to the carrier missile (25). An ejection mechanism (45) has a submissile support ...

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A dual pivot expandable lavatory for use in limited spaces such as on an airplane. The lavatory may be positioned proximate the doorway area of the airplane, and is provided with a primary and a secondary pivotable module. Each module is pivotably attached to a stationary assembly conventionally aff ...

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An improvement in an airplane mounted aerial refueling boom wherein the boom assembly mounting permits motion about three axes. A first pivot attached to the fuselage of the airplane provides for radial or azimuth motion of the boom about a vertical or yaw axis of rotation essentially normal to the ...


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A cargo handling system rollout stop assembly, which allows a movable object to freely pass over it in a first or inboard direction but obstructs passage of that object in the opposite or outboard direction. The stop assembly comprises a frame and at least one arm assembly rotatably mounted in the f ...

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A lockable turnbuckle assembly having a locking mechanism that can be used in limited space applications. The present invention pertains to a turnbuckle that is adjustable and lockable using a single hand and does not require the use of tools.