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The present invention serves to prevent severe injury, loss of life or damage to expensive equipment by creating a system in which the conductors of a plug and the conductors of a receptacle can only be arranged, one with respect to the other, in a unique rotational manner depending upon the intende ...

John H Owens, Joseph Spector: Connecting rod assembly with a crosshead. Cooper, William B Patterson, Eddie E Scott, Alan R Thiele, September 28, 1993: US05247873 (21 worldwide citation)

A spherical joint and bearing assembly utilizes a ball and socket arrangement between a connecting rod and a crosshead in a power reciprocating fluid pump. The connecting rod is spherically shaped and is held in a thrust bearing having a matching interior surface. A split retraction ring is held bet ...

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An integrated circuit is utilized to control a switch so the flash rate and duty cycle of a flasher system is accurately regulated. The tighter control allows two flash rate and duty cycle combinations whereby a driver perceives a significant difference between the two settings, normal operation and ...

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A connection system between terminal blocks whereby one block has an extension and one block has a mating pocket. Upon connection, the various surfaces of the extension and pocket cause a frictional relationship between the blocks and maintain a uniform distance between the termination points around ...

Brian Saunders: Hanger assembly. Cooper, William B Patterson, Eddie E Scott, July 19, 1994: US05330002 (16 worldwide citation)

A hanger (3) is suspended and sealed within a wellhead housing (5) by means of a landing ring which engages teeth (8) on the hanger, and a sealing device consisting of wedge rings (15 and 16) which seal respectively against the teeth (8) and the wall of the housing (5).

Ernst Eisele, Fritz Eisele: Soldering tool. Cooper, William B Patterson, Eddie E Scott, Alan R Thiele, September 28, 1993: US05248076 (14 worldwide citation)

A soldering tool comprises a handle (10) and a rod-shaped or tubular heating element fastened to the front end of the handle. A soldering tip (4) can be placed on the free end of the heating element. The soldering tip (4) has a borehole for receiving the free end of the heating element and can be fi ...

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A molded connector has a contact support made of a material which is chemically compatible with the molded body and has a similar melting point. The contact support is provided with thin fins which provide a barrier around each of the contacts. As the molded material is injected around the contact s ...

Heinz G Anders, Konrad K Kettner: Compressed-air screw or bolt tightener, especially an impulse or a torque screw or bolt tightener. Cooper, William B Patterson, Eddie E Scott, August 8, 1995: US05439063 (12 worldwide citation)

A compressed-air screw or bolt tightener having a driving motor which drives a driving shaft for a screwing or tightening tool is disclosed. The motor is operated by compressed air and a control valve for switching the compressed-air supply to the screw or bolt tightener on or off. A pressure-regula ...

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A hanger for a power factor capacitor and method of attachment by brazing reduces metallurgical changes that can lead to cracks in the tank wall from welding. The hanger has a base plate with a circular opening and a raised shoulder that provides a single ring of contact between the tank wall and ha ...

Robert McInnes: Well tubing hanger sealing assembly. Cooper, Eddie E Scott, William B Patterson, Alan R Thiele, December 10, 1991: US05070942 (11 worldwide citation)

The tubing hanger seal assembly of the present invention includes a metal to metal seal that is energized from above by a drive sleeve. The drive sleeve is threaded to the outside of the tubing hanger and as it is rotated downward, engages a load ring which in turn energizes the metal to metal seal ...