Donald F Ryder: Disinfection system for a pressurized flush toilet in a recreational vehicle or the like. William B Cunningham Jr, April 21, 1981: US04262372 (14 worldwide citation)

A fluid or liquid powered pump system useful for injecting a liquid additive into a main stream of liquid flowing through the pump with the additive being pumped into the main liquid stream by movement of the liquid through the pump. The system has a pump body through which the main stream of liquid ...

Daniel M Zuhone, Mark S Coleman: Quick acting coupler for cultivator attachment. William B Cunningham Jr, August 11, 1981: US04282936 (4 worldwide citation)

A quick acting coupler for a cultivator attachment, such as a cultivator fender, shield, or the like, in which the attachment is carried by a mounting frame with the latter being securable to the tool or cultivator bar of a cultivator implement for coupling of the attachment to the cultivator at a d ...