Richard J Taylor: Video processing system. Micro Consultants, William Anthony Drucker, April 3, 1979: US04148070 (180 worldwide citation)

A video processing system comprises an analogue to digital converter for receiving a video signal and converting the signal into digital form. A digital frame store receives and stores the converted video data. Store addressing means address locations within the frame store to write in and read out ...

Peter Colin Michael: Video assignment systems. Micro Consultants, William Anthony Drucker, May 24, 1977: US04025947 (93 worldwide citation)

An assignment system adapted to accommodate video and audio signals is provided with a digital cross-point switching matrix which is controlled by a control device which enables connections between selected inputs and outputs of said matrix. The input signals are first applied to analog-to-digital c ...

Gaston Bourquardez: Wind driven power system. William Anthony Drucker, September 27, 1977: US04050246 (73 worldwide citation)

A wind driven power plant has a vertical axis rotor which is rigidly connected to a center body in turn connected to a rotating base. The base is supported on a fixed pylon by means of a mechanical, or preferably fluidic bearing.

Uwe Eggert: Jet mouth piece. William Anthony Drucker, December 12, 1978: US04129257 (70 worldwide citation)

A nozzle intended for a jet-pipe working with a pressurized liquid with said nozzle comprising a throttle valve head surrounded by an orifice sleeve and being pendulum-like supported by a longitudinal shaft pointing in counter-current direction, wherein the orifice sleeve constitutes one of two slee ...

Serge Lagarrigue: Security system. William Anthony Drucker, November 29, 1977: US04060039 (46 worldwide citation)

The invention covers a protective device in the outer area of a room, for instance a banking hall of a financial institution, with a bullet-proof door, which can be locked, leading into a room, the locking mechanism being operated in conjunction with a release device.

Betty R Hollander, William E McKinley: Cold junction thermocouple compensator. Omega Engineering, William Anthony Drucker, January 9, 1979: US04133700 (44 worldwide citation)

0.degree.COLD JUNCTION COMPENSATOR PROVIDES THE ELECTRICAL EQUIVALENT OF AN ICE-BATH REFERENCE THERMOCOUPLE, AT A SELECTED TEMPERATURE, FOR EXAMPLE O.degree. C. Input connectors, for engagement with conventional thermocouple units, form thermocouple junctions with conductors connected to a battery-o ...

Peter John Thwaites, Dennis William Green: Fire-protective cellular service ducting. Dufaylite Developments, William Anthony Drucker, June 6, 1978: US04093818 (42 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an assembly for accommodating service lines which comprises a length of ducting, a block of structural cellular material which fills the internal cross section of the ducting over at least a part of the length of the ducting, said block having cell walls which define cells whi ...

Yoshio Kajita: Check valve. William Anthony Drucker, January 20, 1976: US03933173 (36 worldwide citation)

A check valve, comprising in combination, a valve body defining a cylindrical passage for fluid flow therethrough from an upstream side to a downstream side of said valve body; a step on said upstream side for retaining a disc thereon; a hollow cylindrical support with top and bottom portions mounte ...

Jean P Bernard, Paul A Meningand: Arrester net gear for aircraft. Aerazur Constructions Aeronautiques, William Anthony Drucker, March 13, 1979: US04143840 (36 worldwide citation)

This aircraft arrester net gear comprises at least one flexible frame having each at least one elementary net slidably mounted therein, in such a manner that when a forwardly projecting element of the aircraft engages the net the elementary nets can slide in relation to the frame and the horizontal ...

Arthur William Richardson: Tube plug. Furmanite International, William Anthony Drucker, September 19, 1978: US04114654 (35 worldwide citation)

A bore plug comprises a deformable sleeve to fit inside a bore to be plugged, two tapered members interfitting with the sleeve to engage opposite ends thereof, and an intercoupling of the tapered members actuatable to draw the latter together and deform the sleeve into circumferential engagement wit ...