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The present invention features a catalytic material which includes a metal catalyst anchored to a nano-sized crystal containing a metal oxide. Furthermore, the present invention features a method of producing the catalytic material described herein. Finally, the present invention features using the ...

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The present invention provides a yarn with antimicrobial effects. The antimicrobial antifungal effect of the yarn is derived from nanosilver particles (diameter between 1 and 100 nm) which are adhered to the yarn. The yarn contains fibers which are made of cotton, linen, silk, wool, leather, blendin ...

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A method for treating progression of a refractive disorder in a human eye. The method includes the steps of producing a first image on a retina of the human eye and producing a second image to generate a defocus.


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A fog lamp may include a Lambertian LED, a collimating lens encompassing the Lambertian LED, a collimating surface including a total internal reflective surface and encompassing the collimating lens, and a corrugated surface attached to the collimating surface at an acute angle with respect to an op ...

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Piezo aerosol and ultrasonic atomizer apparatuses are disclosed. In some embodiments, a piezo aerosol apparatus may comprise a piezo component defining an opening bonded to a metal plate defining a mist reservoir. The mist reservoir may define a plurality of apertures (or holes) orientated substanti ...

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A thermal storage system includes a thermal storage device that includes an aqueous slurry of micro-encapsulated phase change material, a thermal collector in a heat exchange relationship with the thermal storage device through a first heat exchanger, and a thermal service device in a heat exchange ...

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A filtration medium includes a fine filter layer having a plurality of nanofibers and a coarse filter layer having a plurality of microfibers attached to the fine filter layer. The coarse filter layer is positioned proximal to a direction of fluid flow, and the fine filter layer is positioned distal ...

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A temperature-compensated fibet optic strain gauge (10) for measuring strain of a host structure (5), the strain gauge (10) comprising: a mount (20) having a void (19) separating a first section (17) from a second section (18); a first fiber Bragg grating (FBG) (30); a second fiber Bragg grating (FB ...

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A collapsible structure having a first fabric-covered frame defining a first side panel, a second fabric-covered frame defining a second side panel, a fabric sheet mounted on and extending along the first and second fabric-covered frames; and a plurality of frame supports mounted on the fabric sheet ...