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A bottle glorifier may be mounted on the interior surface of a glass refrigerator case door. A body holds a side-to-side array of exemplary containers. A separate adapter accommodates particular sizes or combinations of sizes of containers for a given body.

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An adapter suitable for installation in a machine in place of a customer replaceable unit monitor having a first interface format is described herein. Upon installation of the adapter in the machine, the adapter enables data communication between the machine and a customer replaceable unit monitor h ...

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A composite structure includes a substrate with pores of a first mean pore size and a coating on at least one surface of that substrate. This coating has pores of a second mean pore size where the first mean pore size is equal to or greater than said second mean pore size. When the pore size of the ...

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A substrate comprising a capacitor comprising metal electrodes and a ceramic or metal oxide dielectric layer, the capacitor being embedded in a polymer based encapsulating material and connectable to a circuit via a via post standing on said capacitor.