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Systems and methods are provided for facilitating management of health care in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, etc., for example by monitoring and assessing the quality of patient care. Data is collected and operated on relating to medical conditions, treatment, cost, ...

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Metallic powders are formed by the electrically exploded wire (EEW) process. An apparatus (20) for manufacturing such powders includes a closed loop recirculating gas path between a reaction chamber (100) and an extractor (32). A wire (31) is delivered from a source (400) along a wire path from ambi ...

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A retail display system and related methods. A plastic strut is unitarily-formed with and depends from a header. The strut has a vertical array of engagement features. A plurality of product-holding elements are each engaged to an associated feature of the engagement features to secure the elements ...

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An improved vertical pin probing device is constructed with a housing with spaced upper and lower spacers of a metal alloy, each having a thin sheet of silicon nitride ceramic material held in a window in the spacer of adhesive. The spacers may be composed of foils adhered to one another in a lamina ...

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An array-type package encasing one or more semiconductor devices. The package includes a dielectric substrate having opposing first and second sides with a plurality of electrically conductive vias and a centrally disposed aperture extending from the first side to the second side. A heat slug has a ...

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A heat spreader (20) is added to a package to enhance thermal and advantageously electrical performance. In manufacture, a heat spreader precursor (24) is advantageously placed over a group of dies and secured after bonding (e.g., wire or tape bonding or flip-chip bonding) and before matrix/block mo ...

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A display system includes a reusable basic unit into which a product-carrying tray may be inserted to display/dispense such product. The trays are replaceable as the product is expended. The basic unit advantageously includes portions for removably accommodating graphics so that, for various promoti ...

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The present invention describes methods and systems for extracting, capturing, reducing, storing, sequestering, or disposing of carbon dioxide (C02), particularly from the air. The CO2 extraction methods and systems involve the use of chemical processes. Methods are also described for extracting and ...

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A control device for a vehicle or mechanism includes a portable displacement controller which permits a non-technical user to achieve effective control of the vehicle or mechanism, by moving the portable displacement controller intuitively with little learning effort. A first sensing device, attache ...

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A gauge is provided for positioning divider walls in a beverage glide and has an origin indicia and a plurality of text indicia associated with different beverage container sizes.