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The effects on device reliability of across chip length variation (ACLV), gate ion channeling and dislocation are reduced or eliminated in input/output (I/O) stacked field effect transistors (FETs). A pair of stacked PFETs and a pair of stacked NFETs are connected to an I/O pad. The PFET and the NFE ...

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A remote control signal processing circuit uses hardware to check the pulse of the remote control signal, detect the leader code, and make "0" or "1" judgment for status code or data code. Based on the edge detection signals given by the edge detection circuit to detect the leading and trailing edge ...

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In a light-emitting element drive circuit in an active matrix display device, at least one current-control transistor controls a current flowing through a light-emitting element. The current-control transistor and the light-emitting element are connected in parallel to each other. A constant current ...

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A relational database system allows users to search for specific products based on component criteria. The relational database system allows for unlimited number and type of components to be associated with products and employs a data architecture that enforces consistent product data including cons ...

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The present invention is a method of controlling a robotic mechanism comprising both active and passive joints, where the motion of one or more of the passive joints is constrained by one or more constraints imposed on the mechanism by the environment, the mechanical construction of the mechanism or ...

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In a system for evaluating a semiconductor device, a laser beam generating unit generates a laser beam, and an optical fiber receives the laser beam to heat an area of the semiconductor device. A current deviation detector or a voltage deviation detector is connected to a terminal of the semiconduct ...

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A continuous speech recognition system has the ability to correct errors in strings of words. The error correction method stores data in the system's internal state to update probability tables used in developing alternative lists for substitution in misrecognized text.

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Producing a gap between a source and/or drain region of a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor which is less than the thickness of a depletion region normally surrounding the source and/or drain region, preferably at zero volts bias, permits gain of a parasitic bipolar transistor forme ...

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A foursquare dual polarized moderately wide bandwidth antenna radiating element is provided which, due to its small size and low frequency response, is well suited to array applications. The foursquare element comprises a printed metalization on a low-loss substrate suspended over a ground plane ref ...

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A portable real-time monitoring system for field testing and troubleshooting a cellular telephone network, paging network, or mobile radio system employs a user friendly interface between a user and a scanning radio receiver which displays, monitors and stores parameters related to real-time perform ...