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Content is generated on a host system based on real-time data from a controlled process collected over the internet from a customer's client automation system, such as a machine tool control system. The client system may request content from a host website. Instructions associated with the requested ...

Gary J Becker: Expandable intraluminal endoprosthesis. Orbus Medical Technologies, White & Case, September 19, 2006: US07108714 (53 worldwide citation)

An expandable intraluminal endoprosthesis including a tubular member (1) a first diameter which permits intraluminal delivery of the member into a lumen of a body passageway, particularly a blood vessel. The tubular member (1) is capable of acquiring a second, expanded and deformed diameter upon the ...

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The present invention relates to a novel form of the (−)-enantiomer of 5-methoxy-2-[[(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-pyridinyl)-methyl]sulfinyl]-1

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Effective amounts of formoterol and/or a physiologically acceptable salt and/or solvate thereof and budesonide are used in combination for simultaneous, sequential or separate administration by inhalation in the treatment of an inflammatory respiratory disorder, such as asthma.

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The invention provides computer-enabled methods and systems for the secure transmission and platform-independent receipt and decryption of encrypted messages. According to the invention messages are encrypted by a symmetric encryption algorithm using a secret key that is, or is based on, a password ...

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A method of making a lead frame and a partially patterned lead frame package with near-chip scale packaging lead-count, wherein the method lends itself to better automation of the manufacturing line and improved quality and reliability of the packages produced therefrom. A major portion of the manuf ...

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A tri-level authentication process comprises performing a biometrics-based authentication of a user of a portable device, performing an authentication handshake between the portable device and a content server, wherein the portable device includes a USB plug that plugs directly into a USB port of a ...

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An oral pharmaceutical dosage form comprising an acid susceptible proton pump inhibitor and one or more NSAIDs in a fixed formulation, wherein the proton pump inhibitor is protected by an enteric coating layer. The fixed formulation is in the form of an enteric coating layered tablet, a capsule or a ...

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A novel process for enantioselective synthesis of single enantiomers of omeprazole or its alkaline salts, of other optically pure substituted 2-(2-pyridinylmethyl-sulphinyl) -1H-benzimidazoles as well as of other structurally related sulphoxides or their alkaline salts. The claimed process is an asy ...

Roland Reed: Tennis racquet having a sandwich construction, vibration-dampening frame. White & Case, January 8, 1991: US04983242 (48 worldwide citation)

A frame for a tennis racket is formed of an inner tubular member, an outer tubular member, and a dampening sleeve of a visco-elastic material sandwiched between and bonded to the inner and outer layers. The dampening sleeve undergoes plastic deformation upon bending of the racket frame, due to the d ...