James A Browning: Windmills. Browning Engineering Corporation, Whitcomb Clark & Moeser, April 27, 1976: US03952723 (105 worldwide citation)

A system for deriving useful energy from a windmill in which a liquid pump is driven by the windmill. Useful energy is obtained by either a fluid driven generator or a friction heater. The output of the pump and the speed of the windmill are controlled by a constant volume valve in the fluid circuit ...

Hatch Bruce O: Electric arc torches. Thermal Dynamics Corporation, Whitcomb Clark & Moeser, May 28, 1974: US3813510 (19 worldwide citation)

This is an improvement to electric arc torch of the type producing plasma flames for cutting, welding, and other high temperature applications. The nozzle assembly of the torch provides close control of gas supplied to the electrode in a strong vortex to stabilize and enhance the directivity of the ...

Joseph A A Messier East Montpelier VT Box 190, Vt 05641: Peg board bracket clamping device. Whitcomb Clark & Moeser, February 23, 1971: US3565379 (6 worldwide citation)

This patent discloses a clamping block which makes a rigid intermediate element between an apertured panel and a variety of article holding brackets. The block clamps to the panel, and the brackets are held by the block. The unit can be readily detached and located elsewhere on the panel.

Hitchcock Richard M: Hazard light shield. Dufresne Henry Engineering Corporation, Whitcomb Clark & Moeser, December 31, 1974: US3858041 (2 worldwide citation)

A light shield which can be attached to aircraft warning lights normally used on hills and high objects such as antennas. The shield is so constructed as to obscure the lights from the view of persons on the ground, yet leaving the lights fully visible as warnings to pilots of aircraft.